1.37 Known Issues List

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Patch 1.37 Known Issues

Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of all currently tracked issues affecting this build of Overwatch, rather this is a targeted list of some known specific issues with this release.



  • Players inside Immortality Field have no indication of which direction shots are coming from.


  • Teleporting to a Translocator thrown onto a moving payload doesn’t place you at the correct location.
  • Translocator starts on cooldown when you spawn as Sombra.


  • Winston’s nameplate and health bar can become hidden when he uses Primal Rage due to his height adjustment.


  • Console players may encounter performance issues when editing an action containing a large set of values in the Workshop.
  • Opening other menus while having an unsaved Workshop rule open causes any changes to be lost.


  • AI is unresponsive on Lijiang Tower.
  • AI can become stuck during their pathing on Oasis.
  • Lighter colored sprays appear brighter than normal when being previewed.
  • Highlights and POTG’s on Numbani may have lighting darker than normal.
  • Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge main menu displays unlock information for random heroes.

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