1.31 PTR Concluded

(Romain Dijoux) #1

Thanks for helping us test the game! We are now concluding the 1.31 Public Test, as the most recent update is now live.

The Public Test Region will not be accessible until we update with new content in a very near future. We will leave the PTR Forums active so you can continue to provide any additional feedback and bug reports.

Thank you for participating and Happy Winter Wonderland!


Doomfists Meteor Strike size increase hasn’t actually been implemented yet


actually, worse than that, it’s been reduced.

nice one guys. hotfix pls


Nah… it is fine like that.


Can you confirm the Sym beam changes? She feels really fun to play now. Thank you for this. Honestly. Very fluid and smooth.

Just please give her a golden glove! She has no highlight or victory poses showing off her golden glove but

• Torb has a gold Hammer
• Roadhog has a golden hook
• Moira’s nails
• Brigitte’s shield


what changes are you referring to?



Ill have to test it out when I get home tomorrow but I saw another post and they had a picture showing the hit box of the beam saying it was so big…honestly dont think she was touched…the size of the beam was always larger than what it visually represented.


But it honestly feels like you guys aren’t evening listening to the feedback provided. Multiple people mentioned the meteor strike bug both in the general and the bug reports, yet the bug was never addressed by the devs and was pushed through to live. The bug isn’t even a “known issue” to blizzard, it just went completely ignored


Will you guys actually ever take feedback? No

Will you at least look at bugs since you refuse to take any feedback? Also, apparently no, given the widely discussed DF ult bug.

Maybe if the staff actually read the forums sometimes they would see said bug reports


are you sure this is not just a visual bug? I mean, have you tested for damage?


Nah… it’s not fine. It really isn’t. Doom’s ult right now, is absolutely terrible. He cannot deal good damage with it anywhere. People legitimately just walk out of it and get away for free, in almost EVERY SITUATION.

This is not a visual bug, and I don’t see any way how it could be one after my testing on it. Targets outside the center circle take a lot less damage as it always has worked, meaning that they reduced the size of it unintentionally because otherwise if it was visual only they would be taking 300 there. Another thing, for whatever reason the damage scaling is now completely wrong as well. Even if they are barely outside of it, instead of taking like what you would expect; 150-175 damage roughly, they take barely 100.

Doom is absolutely not okay in his current state. These changes never should have come to live.


Ptr 1.32 today or next tuesday ?


If it nerfs Hanzo, i’d dance in the streets.