1.30 PTR Concluded

Thanks for helping us test Ashe & B.O.B.! We are now concluding the 1.30 Public Test. The Public Test Region will not be accessible until we update with new content. You can continue to provide additional feedback and bug reports here if needed. Thank you for … doing something. :smile:


can you tell us when the changes announced on 20181023 (mercy, reaper, hog, etc) will go live?


Can’t come any sooner. So hyped! :smiley:

WOW! That’s a lot quicker than normal(it usually 2 weeks). Guess Blizzcon really helped with testing Ashe along with the PTR, huh?
Well if that means the next big update is sooner than later this time around…I’m all ready for it! :relaxed:


Hey! Always a pleasure doing… Something


Will this PTR include Ashe since she was added at a later date?

Patch is looking good for tomorrow lads


was this posted elsewhere? Link?

Usually when the PTR patch goes down, the live patch comes within 24 hours. And Tuesday is the normal day for patches so…


:frowning: it only lasted a week tho, i only got to play her for like 30 minutes

Maybe we will get the patch this week, Moria was released 9 days after they put her up on ptr after blizzcon maybe they are doing the same with ashe

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Starcraft 2 Also has a major patch incoming Tuesday,

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Same applies for HOTS. Man I’m so psyched for Orphea. Already have enough gold to buy her :grin::grin:

Great, ill be at work from 10am to 8pm tomorrow :frowning:

Update is tomorrow, yes.

I really would like to see an autofire option for Ash. It just feels super clunky to single shot all your shots.

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darn and I couldn’t get my mobster skin on time

I completely agree and 12 shots on sniper reloading takes too long in a actual fire fight

Hey, just needed to say, I had fun with the new character “Ashe”. The only feedback I can give is: it was fun to play.

One change I’d like to see is Widows poison trigger trap ability, could give it new life by giving her a poison smoke bomb instead~ just to try out for fun

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Why are you already trying to ruin the new hero?

Go play soldier if you want full auto, go play McCree if you wanna reload everything at once.

Play Ashe if you want a great feeling lever-action rifle playstyle.