1.29 Known Issues List

Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of all currently tracked issues affecting this build of Overwatch, rather this is a targeted list of some known specific issues with this release.

Patch 1.29

Colorblind Options


  • Not all of the Capture the Flag UI has custom coloring implemented yet
  • On Control maps the coloring of the Objective Score UI will be reversed for team 2
  • The Tab Screen in Deathmatch does not have custom coloring applied to it
  • Voice chat icons that appear in the top left of the screen are not applying custom coloring

Hero Specific

  • Objects like Torbjorn’s Turret and Symmetra’s Teleporter ability do not have custom coloring on their health bars
  • The warning Icon that appears for an incoming explosive blast (Tracer and D.Va’s Ultimates) does not receive custom coloring
  • Widowmaker’s Infra-Sight does not show the enemies when used with custom colorblind colors

Torbjorn Rework


  • When spawning in as torbjorn some keybind UI elements may not load until used
  • The turret build sound can play for enemies if they use certain abilities near the turret, or spawn close to it

Deploy Turret

  • It is possible for Torb to toss his turret and have it deploy in locations it would not normally be able to be built
  • If you throw your turret straight up and let it land on you, it will be built on top of you
  • If the turret is destroyed by cars on Oasis, the turret will explode multiple times
  • If the turret is the only source of damage to an enemy, it does not reveal their health bar
  • The tracking beam which follows the turrets target is jittery
  • The turret can be built in unintended locations on Route 66 and King’s Row

Molton Core

  • There is no controller rumble when Molton Core is used
  • Reinhardt’s shield can still take damage from the molton slag after he has stepped out of its range
  • Molton Core and Overload settings in Custom Game effect each other


  • Torb bot will not place turrets while in skirmish mode
  • Torb bot will still hammer on a newly built turret as if trying to upgrade it to level 2
  • Torb bot’s attacks and ability use can be inconsistent



  • It is possible to be hit by Reinhardt’s Earthshatter while your shield is up if you are strafing


  • Hanzo’s Golden weapon variant is not listed in the Hero Gallery


  • If Junkrat is stunned during his RIP-Tire animation, he goes back to his default idle animation for the remainder of the ultimate


  • The VFX for her barrier being destroyed does not play consistently


  • If Reinhardt charges into a short ledge/wall, SFX for the collision may not play


  • Hook does not destroy breakables when pulling back


Control maps

  • The control waypoint shows a friendly progress bar while it is being captured by the enemy


  • There is a soda can which defies the laws of physics when hit


Team Deathmatch

  • Once one team makes it to 25 kills, the “x kills remaining” VO will play each time the losing team gets a kill to catch up

Hey everyone, as my colleague Bill noted in another post, Reinhardt is currently disabled on the PTR due to a server crash that can happen when he’s used.

We have a fix for this issue locally and hope to update the PTR with it on Monday/early next week.

Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE: Reinhardt has been re-enabled as of Wednesday 26th. Happy Earth Shatters!