1.26 Loot Box Duplicates Issue


Basically the first seven hours of when 1.26 came out last Tuesday morning.


The “within a week” is real lmao


I logged in and got 4 lootboxes from this. I am so happy. I got Doomfist last Legendary Skin and the last two Epics for Hammond. Plus some more credits.

Now, I am only missing 7 Legendary Skins (1 Symmetra, 2 Dva, 4 Hammond).


That’s awesome! Glad you were able to get some good stuff out of this :clap:


Neat! Also it seems like the boxes are being handed out, since you got them. I’m still waiting for mine. Wish me luck! 8)


Got 10 boxes for the bug. 2 legendaries and 3 epics. Thx for reimbursing us for the bug!!!

(Tom Powers) #106

Good day all,

This issue should now be remedied on both PC and console platforms. Once again, thank you for your patience throughout this process and thank you for playing our game.



well, that explains the 4 random loot boxes i got yesterday. still ended up with dupes however. not much i dont already have so its expected …


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yeah i was expecting one or two boxes from this but I still haven’t gotten any that I know of. Oh well, I have most of the loot so it’s only a matter of like a 50 credit difference probably


I used over around 30 loot boxes at the time when the patch rolled out but i still haven’t received any as compensation


Were they earned or bought on patch day when the bug was happening?


earned on patch day pretty much @willdebeast


Tom, I know you’re probably busy but why are you and Josh white now and not blue like Callie? https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/410217404124364801/474003022784233483/tommypower.jpg


I have opened a bunch of boxes during the bugged period and still received no compensation.


Very happily surprised to get my lootboxes when I logged in today.

I feel like I got the value out of my $50 I was expecting to, so my wallet it ready to open again for the Summer Games loot.

Speaking of, any skin hints??? Torbikini finally becoming a reality?


I opened 4-5 loot boxes, received only 2, but i think it’s for endorsements


Guys, please read the thread. It doesn’t matter when you opened the loot boxes, just when you earned/purchased them. There is no way you earned 30 loot boxes in the few hours this glitch was live, DMOC. If you PURCHASED 30 loot boxes during the glitch, you would have received 30 loot boxes now, even if you never opened the glitched 30.


I understand that, I earned after patch in arcade


Ok. Been more than a week. Still no loot boxes AND STILL getting boxes with 4 duplicates in them prior to summer games. Guessing because I’m in console…Still love the game but frustrating…just saying