๐Ÿ˜Š Best Side Character Of the Overwatch?

Surprised no one said Cellphone guy.

My man Balderich.



For me itโ€™s Maximilian, but I just like villains.


Zenyatta is the best sidelined character. :grimacing:


Statues of him everywhere but not even in the game


I think Alejandra is pretty neato
AKA miss โ€œMy munnieโ€ฆAGHHHH! Iโ€™m sodee mama butchu wont beeleeve what happened!โ€

Brian, because he technically became the third ever Doomfist for like 5 seconds before he broke the gauntlet.

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The British woman who decided to date a robot in the Alive CGI short.

That girl knows what she wants.

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Mauga is cool. He could be a unique tank

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Harold Winston :cry:


tears up Iโ€™m not gonna say Max cause I have faith heโ€™ll be playable ONE DAY! I think Nguyen is way less appreciated then he should be cause Mauga really stole the show.

Lynx , that Omnic from Zaryaโ€™s comic. Cute bunny ears + a side of sarcasm = Amazing character

That one random dude that everyone was saying had to be the next hero circa 2018, because there was no way a โ€œSide Characterโ€ like Brigitte was going to be one.

D.vaโ€™s squadmates are ALL super neat!

Idk if they have 0% chance but I love Lynx Seventeen. Such a cute omnic design.

I love the little โ€œbunnyโ€ ears.

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Just imagining a Star Wars drone skin

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Dr. Liao would have been an interesting hero, I think. But I guess we have an Echo of her, so Iโ€™m not too upset.

Iโ€™ll see myself out.

Poor old zenny, still lacks lore :frowning: