👩‍🏫 Reasons OW2 is not coming for Anniversary (concluded)

I’m just hoping for a new koth map

OW2 definitely wont come out when the anniversary event happens it wont come out until the end of this year or they might do what they did with OW1 show it at blizzcon then release a beta 2 years later

Seriously. Like 0 effort.

Nothing to be excited for.

Nothing to keep players playing.

Just nothing.

Remember those character trailers on YouTube when overwatch was first announced back in 2015? That’s how you build hype. But I guess we’ll just throw that out all the window now.

Yeah, and the logical conclusion one would draw from that is that they are nowhere near release.

The hyping will start closer to release day.

It’s too early.
It hasn’t been long and developing/ improving an engine and teaching everyone how to use it effectively takes a while.

I know it said concluded, but I wanted to say my piece :slightly_smiling_face:

1.There havent been any beta tests.

2.Blizzard announces new games on Blizzcon

Theyll release it in December alongside the new ps5 and Xbox scarlet so that they dont have to downgrade their graphics to the current consoles :woman_shrugging: and it gives them more time to work on it rather than releasing it this summer.

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Because they can’t JUST release OW2 during anniversary. It’d make no sense. Also they confirmed that OW2 won’t be released during 2020.

Did they? Do you have a source?

Idk about its actual confirmation. It’s just what i read in the forums.

I don’t understand why people are expecting OW2 will release during the anniversary event.

It would be irresponsible for them to release a game so quick without even a closed beta to ensure most game breaking bugs are reported and fixed before the release.

Not only that they haven’t even allowed us to pre-purchase the game yet.

It would give me a heart attack and Blizzard would be accountable of murder

Who ever thought OW 2 was coming with the Anniversary event :man_shrugging:

It is coming for Anniversary. Just not this one, but their 5th one in a year. Reason: Because that would be awesome!

If it was for this year I bet new heroes start to be leaked/rumored right now.

Not even half tbh. It looks like they took 2 months to make the demo but then rushed it for Blizzcon.


Fr tho, my guess is OW2 will not be a 2020 release. I would like an alpha/beta test by 2021 but I don’t really have a decent guess. They are claiming it as an entire sequel so I wouldn’t be overly surprised if it was a spring 2022 or later release.

They said we don’t get any new heroes THIS YEAR and with OW2 we get 4+ heroes. So expect early 2021 as the most optimistic date of the launch.

I doubt OW 2 will come this year, because in the annual fiscal report. They talk about how WoW Shadowlands expansion will bring in a lot of money and they talk about the release of diablo immortal this year, but there is no mentioning of OW2