👩‍🏫 Reasons OW2 is not coming for Anniversary (concluded)

Submit your reasoning below.

Else counter why not with your theory or “proof”.

Edit: concluded

It’s just unconventional
You don’t announce it at blizzcon and not say the release date if it’s right around the corner
although that would make for a pleasant surprise…

Realistically I’d say winter 2020-early 2021 is our release window
could be as late as mid 2021, could be as early as summer 2020, but i think that window is the safest bet


They would’ve gave a LOT more warning if it was.


Maybe because their demo looked half finished at Blizzcon and promising missions for every map + custom would take way more time in development. And I doubt they would have the new heroes ready to attract players for release either. Oh and the pandemic.


They’ve made zero efforts to properly hype it since Blizzcon.


Cause it just isn’t… it’s obvious.


There’s no way OW2 is being released next month. It’ll probably be the end of this year.


Because the drip of content for this game is so slow it makes snails look like Sonic and I’d be surprised if we even got 4 legendaries for this event


Because they would have announced that at Blizzcon.

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Because Overwatch 2 is probably going to not release until about 3 months after Valorant.

So that it gets past it’s initial hype spike. Similar to how Apex spiked, then went down.


There is no way Overwatch 2 will be released during the COVID-19 pandemic. They would want to release the game to a booming economy.


Nice discussing

Honestly I don’t have much else to say.

(Concerned we might not see anything more dramatic because we are basically in lockdown mode till OW2 releases.)

But gonna have to wait for the next ptr/ExC to confirm that.

Though it is early to start that.

Then again it is Blizz

This is true.

But we can sorta use that aspect in mind to get a teaser or something to push a little hype sooner or later.

Altho there is absolutely no way OW2 comes at this moment, with the amount of things happening, the eSport itself going like toward tier 3 joke, its second layer almost crippled down to nothing, it would be pretty awkward to be like “ah yes, let’s open the valves for new hype train when nothing works lole”.

I think we should start seeing something, some news or some form of like teaser at some point imo, then again we’re talking of a company that generally isn’t like that so wouldn’t know really.

There are tons of reasons so lets name a few

  1. Zero hype generated about it since Blizzcon and you would want to generate more hype
  2. Considering new consoles are launching in the fall you would want to time your new release to at least coincide with that or be in launch window of that
  3. No beta has happened and they probably want to test the MP changes and some of the hero mode stuff (not the campaign ofc)
  4. The world is still (mostly) on lockdown and very well could be back on lockdown in 4 months.

My guess is that OW 2 will release in early March 2021.

Maybe with Chu gone we might possibly get more cosmetic wise. Something tells me he bumped heads with JK a lot which is why we never got much lore wise then suddenly its all popping up after he’s gone.

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Too much work in too little time. I doubt the story missions (at launch) are finished, that all the new heroes are finalized and ready, and all redesigns are complete.

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Anything with voices in it might be impossible due to the VAs not being able to get to studios or work together.

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It’s appearently coming around fall, which is sad. It would be great if it drops during the summer holidays but we all know it won’t.

Hard to argue with so strong arguments.

No marketing, so I dobout they will cram whole campaing plus beta testing during that time.

“Everyone” under lockdown so market is kinda frozen.

Still no word about release date. Dobout they wanna just drop it as a surprise.