( 🎵 Dramatic Music) Thus it’s March... Known for Hero Releases

But Jeff did claim one was coming.

WAS HE LYING? :flushed:

It really makes me sad to see you being so passionate about the game, waiting for a new hero finally to be released but… Blizzard is just silence… :pleading_face:

At least a new map… Meh p-p

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I hope not but I feel that they’re trying to push hero 32 closer to ow2’s released date. That is if the leaks are true and ow2 is coming this year.

I keep the light on, when the " :yawning_face:boredom appears".

Plus there is a lot of sick people :mask: or trapped people :scream: with nothing better to do with the flu being uncontrolled.

Posted a separate theory last night: 🧐 (Hero 32) 1/3/2 theory: This could have been a Testing ground for Echo!?! if you 2 are bored or sick.

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i mean considering that jeff said “we’ll release one more hero before ow2” this seems to be the perfect time to do it but i wouldn’t dare get excited or care about that
personally my interest in the game has been dwindling and it is expected considering i’ve played over 12K games…

There’s only one hero confirmed before Overwatch 2 release and unfortunately silence is their strategy. I still remember Jeffs post when someone asked about The next hero

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(Honestly they should have done a roadmap like other gaming companies have done.)

Do you really think I have not seen that post already? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

indeed. it would make sense to put the hero live half way to Overwatch2…

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Please note, this was Jan 30, 5 weeks ago. (not even close to the proper hint release time)

Also yeah I’m pretty aware of when he said this.

But what about saving room to “Balence” Hero 32… This is gonna be a thing, and will usually take awhile.

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The only thing I can really remember from this time last year was an angry/worried community. Apex Legs came out and was dominating the twitch scene and we were coming off the back of a less than stellar LNY event.

I’d like a new hero to try out soon, but I’m more than happy if they choose to focus on gameplay features as well, experimental or not.

Especially if it’s gonna be a “balancing” like brig 1.0 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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If your talking about 1/3/2, Jeff already said they are dropping it.

(honestly it seems just to be a big distraction)

Like when Mei could make people fly.

I’m aware of it, but there’ll be other things coming to Experimental soon. I’m interested to see what else the devs may have in-store for us on this card.

But features like pools, replay sharing and workshop updates are welcome ones (even if some are more questionable than others).

Whatever it is, I believe it has to be updated with a patch first, plus other technically do ha’s with Gigs and Stuff.

Because Console is stil console.

Also I believe he said “he is taking the ExC down at the end of the event.” from what I recall. (not updating or changing it.)

Did someone say Mirage buff?

Sorry, wrong game…

Weird I can post again for some reason.

Must be a glitch, I don’t see anything between this and my last post.

Maybe this end up being one of the nine mysteries of the General Discussions.

(Classic Ghost stories ref)

lol thats never gonna happen


My birthday is this month…
and Blizz I’ve been asking for Junkerqueen for so long…
So… :relaxed:

:heart::brown_heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::white_heart: SUMMON THE QUEEN :white_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::brown_heart::heart: