✅ Ready-up = Faster games

Since Jeff was talking about faster games, you could shave off about 20-40sec each round.
By making it so that if all players have selected a hero, that the countdown goes to 15sec for Payload/2CP and goes to 10sec for Control/KotH maps.

This would especially save time where it can take up to a full minute before the game starts on the first round.

Off-topic, but what do you think this new game-changing feature is? I’m hearing metas might happen so fast that streamers won’t have time to figure out what they are.

I’m guessing server variables so they don’t have to use PTR for balance.

Seems obvious to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Patch 1.43 clarification

Would be nice to put defenders up closer by the first point then revert defender spawns back to the original when the attack doors open. Reduce pre-match times considerably.

Could just give them a speed boost.

That could work too. Have a speed boost until maybe 5 seconds before the match starts.

i hope its not some weird competitive balancing. Like there are shifts in hero power or skill every week in comp. Doom punch suddenly only does a max of 120 and Pharah can now crit with her rockets if they’re a direct hit