✅ Queue Fix = More BarrierTank Damage

It will cause supports nothing but issues. If TTK gets faster, playing a support will won’t be able to heal people effectively. Leading to feeling less effective as a support.

People will complain when they aren’t healed. Ask any support main.

This doesn’t take any conjecture, this has already been demonstrated in the past when there was damage creep.

Nope If you think that’s what I’m saying you failed at reading my posts comprehensively.

Over head in the Industry starting at Q&A and now metrics analytics and psychology of design specialist.

You can pretty much replace “not interesting” here with “DPS really doesn’t understand it”.

A large part of the reason DPS is so popular its easy to just jump in and shoot the first thing you see. Not much thought here.


I’ve designed an FPS server mod with 40+ servers running it, played by 20+ teams over years. Shifter_v1G

Got about 40+ changes into PlanetSide including the specifics of how all the warp gates connect over 10 zones.

And a lot of changes in Overwatch is very close to what I suggested, including the justification for those changes.

That’s great for you. Your philosophy that a game must change due to the potential of another game taking away players isn’t sound game design however.

My philosophy is that you can do the minimal change for the most impact.

Granted some of these damage numbers might be a bit high, but that can be trimmed back. This is more for the raw concept, and would need testing.
(Which we have a great mode for doing just that).

Which incidentally, I probably thought of that too.
Patch 1.43 clarification

But yeah, expecting change, without changing things at all is kinda bizarre.

Much less that devs can solve 2-2-2 queue times without significant change.
And that just losing a large chunk of their playerbase is better than changing things.

Again, I will have to disagree with you that my improving TTK for tanks is a net post I’ve change for the game. It’s just more damage creep which the game already has a fast ttk. Roughly 1.8s average TTK and that’s not including the Sombra spread change and S76 helix change.

I doubt those 2 along will drastically move the valsue to that much a lower degree, but all the tank damage changes you suggest definitely would.

The fundamental problem with tanks is in the tactile feedback of the characters.
Take sigma vs orisa for example
Sigma has a skillshot stun, a high damaging primary fire, a responsive barrier and a satisfying second abiltiy in his absorb. This gives him both versatility, meaning he is a good option when he isn’t underpowered. And he is fun to play. His ultimate is fun to use, especialy when you get a big slam.
Now we have orisa, you put down the shield and leave it, you press a button and block all damage, her clip is massive so you can basicly contiuously shoot without having to do much else. I will say it is satisfying when orisa hits those nice head shots in a row and pulls people into the pit with her halt. But other than that 2 of her abilities are boring to use. And her ultimate is litteraly something you place on the ground.
The other issue with tanks is that the category lacks broadness. Orisa and Winston’s bariers are almost identical now that their health has been brought close together, both are place and forget which is a pretty boring mechanic all around and made worse by how similar the abilities are.
All but a few of the tanks have similar abilities that suggest overlap.
Orisa and Winston, deployable barrier that disappears after a few seconds of use.
D.va and Sigma, have an absorption abilty that deletes all damage for a set amount of time.
When hammond came out a lot of players compared him to winston, both can dive in on a target and have high cc potential.
Now obviously the tanks are similar but not identical.
Zaryas bubble is the only deploy onto an ally shield in the game, and it is fun when you block an ally from taking lethal damage at the exact right moment.
When abilities have tangible impact then players can understand and process these characters as fun. When heros are distinguished then players feel as if they have multiple choices rather than more of the same.
So to fix the tank category and make it more approachable you do a few things.

  1. Make tanking responsive, when tanks, or any player makes a lifesaver play it should be counted as a medal, now the medal system sucks, but if tanks could show their worth to other players then it would make them feel like they did more. Something like a lifesaver medal for every time you protect a teammate from a kill shot or ultimate.

  2. Create more tanks, with new play styles. The tank and the support category suffer from a lack of diversity, but tanks more-so. We need new ways for players to tackle the problem of, get the team onto the objective and keep the team safe.
    Think of how many diverse abilties that define a dps heros playstyle, deflect, hack, rocket fist, freeze, dynamite, flight, teleporter, turret. These fudimentaly change how you aproach the game, but as a tank their are only two playstles built into the characters, jump into the air and dive or walk forward/ near the objective. We have no permanently flying tanks, or flanking tanks, tanks that walk on walls or speed along their team. Tanks that change the rules of the engagement make for a more engaging game.

  3. The frustration of playing tank has gone down, but it needs to keep going down. Riens movement changes and the reaper nerfs are huge. But mei and sombra continue to shut down entire categorizes of heroes. Blizzard needs to find a way to keep those heroes fun without having them shut down full groups of players like tanks. No one likes anti fun abilities but tanks get the worst of these abilities.

Writing server code doesn’t make you a game designer.

I love this sorta stuff. I agree, the anchors gotta be more engaging and interesting to play. I don’t think we really need to play with their direct damage as much, but just keep looking at the engaging sphere of it all.

I shamelessly just edited what you posted, fyi.

Idea: Expanding from the idea you provided, give Rein some more flow and reward to well placed hits/combos

Idea: Ultimately, just to give Sigma players more control over their attacks.

Idea: Changing Orisa from Projectile to Hitscan would give players mechanical skills they could either practice or translate over to a tank. Movement speed is just an amazing idea though, I absolutely like it.

Idea: Adjusting to give Winston a little more effective poke game before making an engage, but also to encourage the player to feel a little more confident about engaging.

You’re missing the point. Sigma as a whole is boring. Even when you get to shoot it’s not interesting. Neither is his ult, nor his rock, nor his succ.

I think landing shots with a projectile weapon that’s harder to aim than Pharah, with some fun trickshot potential, is pretty fun.

Removing Sigma’s CD on his barrier would make him feel a lot better to play.

Also, revert fortify back to 50%. 40% is such a stupid number.

But is that the type of change that makes a DPS player want to play Tank instead?

Sigma shots higher skill than Pharah? Please.

tanks already all have bloated kits and control the game.

now you want to make them stronger?

The people on these forums man.

There should be 1 very powerful tank per team. Here are some changes I thought of.

Tanks have always done too much damage for their role, most of them are basically fat DPS, there’s a reason that this game has had multi-tank metas but only a few multi-DPS metas, because you don’t actually lose out on a whole lot of damage because many tanks can put out DPS-levels of damage.

As long as Blizzard buffs barrier tanks in some way I’ll feel better.