✅ Mercy, If Devs are looking for ideas

Just because perfect isn’t achievable. It doesn’t mean you give up and just pick something awful.

Like, we can’t help everyone in say the mental health industry, but it doesn’t mean we help no one because we can’t do a perfect job.

That is a horrible argument for something.

Man, we will always have some environmental impact, I guess, we should remove all of the protection laws, because perfect isn’t achievable.

Building safety? can’t be perfect, so lets all use asbestos.

Seriously, you can’t run with that as an argument.

Yeah, Valk needs work for sure.

No. They actually said they thought the issue was her healing and that she would still have the highest healing in the game after the nerf.

Fair enough.

you know when you see that :white_check_mark: whos thread u are readin

Yeah, but that has left me in the weird position, that I prefer to run supports in games.

In FFXIV, I run support. in EOS, again supports. Dnd games, I end up playing the healers.

I am one of lifes natural support players, but, gods OWs supports are just too awful to run.

I WANT to support in overwatch, but given a choice between supporting and actually having impact, I’ll take the impact.

So to see people seriously pushing for supports to have less impact is just crazy to me.

Like, if Blizzard doesn’t want healing to be effective at stopping attacks, and they don’t… AND one shots completely remove healing from the equation, then we should be moving the supports out towards utility, since, it is the only way they will have influence. They will remain under powered by necessity if they don’t.

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Please, devs, give her 60 HPS. I don’t care if you give her 25% damage boost or make Valk 12 seconds long to compensate. I just want 60 HPS back, PLEASE. I will be genuinely depressed if she gets 55 HPS on the next patch because I don’t see it helping her viability as a main healer at all, in any ranks.

I really hope they listen to you Grey because they often take advice/ideas from your proposals, most recently being the Mei ammo changes right?

Also, you and I both know you were probably one of the main people who was pushing for the 50 HPS nerf back in the day and then it became a thing. Imagine how iconic/satisfying it would be if you were the one who pushed to help fix that mistake on their part :smiley:



Please... please do something about power creep

Hero pools is a brave and holistic change



you got a better track record than me at dev whispering

my biggest track record reciently is workshop stuff

Well also, if the leaks are true.

✅ Competitive 222 vs Competitive Classic


This man is a god, some might even say a prophet!

grayfalcom is jeff himself,

its the only explanation

Then if his balance suggestions don’t come true with the Experimental then we know Jeff is being held hostage by the team :sob:

Waiting for when the massive amounts of voicelines become a VGS system.
I'll make a thread later on VGS

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I’ve say this countless times, and i’ll say it again.

Remove her pistol and give her staff some method to defend herself.

Yes - Swapping staff and pistol is super easy.
Yes - Players should learn to swap as needed.
Yes - It is exciting to see some players pull off skilled play with their pistol.

But no - It is encouraging certain players to adopt a bad behavior, which only makes regular games even harder to enjoy on top of the existing issues of long q times and smurfing/cheating problems.

Give her the 2nd rez back during ult! :slight_smile:

No, just no.

Mercy is not Bapt lol she needs 55 HPS and 65 HPS while using Valk or something like that but no major buffs like 80 HPS lmao

Mercy 80 HPS== Mercy meta flashbacks

Once again, people really dont know why Mercy meta existed huh :pensive:


whatever you do, do NOT touch damage boost it brings so much to the hero, and it would make her a total heal bot when shes so much more than that rn. Damage boost is one of if not my fav thing mercy has, it brings so much utility and depth too her. Knowing how to get the most out of this ability is what separates the good mercys from the amazing ones.


Why not just give the chain beams 25% instead?

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Can we make it so Mercy’s beam doesn’t break during Valk?

You really think…80 HPS main beam in Valk and 50 HPS chain beams for 10 seconds would make her OP…?

Current Valk is 15 seconds of 60 healing for 5 people = 4,500 healing

Grey’s suggestion is 10 seconds of 50 HPS for 4 people and 80 for one= 3,300 healing

That’s a net healing nerf. It’s literally a nerf to valk he did to compensate for giving her 60 HPS base healing: