♡ Introduce Yourself! ♡

-Hi I’m Charlene or Leonard
-I played since August 31st 2016. ( I remember exactly because that’s when school started…)
-I’m really a Mercy main but I don’t play her any more, I’m D.Va/Sombra
-I like D.Va because I see myself in her, like personality she appeals to me a lot and is really fun! Sombra I love her golden gun, skins, voice, and the noise when she fires the SMG XD
-Lore: Genji Ingame: Doomfist >:(
-Witch Mercy, Augmented Sombra, LNY Pharah
-I don’t yet post (this is my first…) but I want to use forums, the new update is a nice place to start~

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• I’m taquito, a gold ranked player who can’t get out cause I can’t git gud lmao
• I started playing OW on PS4 June 11th, 2017 after playing it at a friends and deciding to grab a copy. Switched to PC on December 26th that same year
• I main zenyatta and genji + the occasional Reinhardt and reaper
• I play zenyatta cause his play style is amazing (dps support = god) and genji for reasons unknown
• Absolutely hate widowmaker. I don’t think she needs a nerf or anything, don’t get me wrong, I’m just salty cause of all the times I’ve gotten my head blown off from accross the map
• Hanamura, the cherry blossoms and Shimada castle both look cool
• Sanzang zenyatta, just got it the other day and I doubt I’m taking it off
• The conversations on here can be interesting and funny, plus seeing all the “nerf x hero” threads make me laugh

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no (at least 20 characters)

  • I’m MrBubbles I’m an 18 year old senior in High School

  • I’ve been playing since January 10, 2017 and wow it’s been fun.

  • I main Lucio.

  • Lucio is so positive and energetic, it’s hard not to love his attitude towards others. He only has one bad conversation and that’s it.

  • Pharah. She’s just so serious all the time and her monotone voice is kind of displeasing to the ear.

  • Definitely Hollywood just because of the western part of the map. I can’t help but play McCree everytime we go there.

  • Grillmaster: 76

  • I love love love LOVE hearing voices and outcries of the community and using my own, good or bad.

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I’m Oscar.
And I’m a diehard Lucio main.
Because Lucio allows me to fly through the map while getting kills, and a decent healing stream to my team. And the clutch sound barriers are so satisfying.
I honestly don’t have a least favourite hero, they’re all fun and creatively designed IMO.
Illios is my favourite map due to the room for enviromental kills…
Lucio jazzy skin is easily my favourite
I’m looking forward to using the forums to see how the community is reacting to certain changes. And also keep up to date on what Jeff and the crew are doing.

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Who are you? KarleighCC, some English major.
How long have you played for? May 2016
Who do you main? D.Va, formerly Lucio
Why do you main them? Playstyle suits me. I like the design as well.
Who’s your least favorite hero? Design/lore-wise: Mercy; Playstyle: Hanzo or Doomfist
What’s your favorite map? Prolly Blizzardworld tbh
What’s your favorite skin? B.Va
Why do you use the forums? Light debate/question answering if I can help and fun threads like this

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Who are you?
How long have you played for? Didn’t play until 2 or 3 months after release.
Who do you main? McCree, Widowmaker, Hanzo, Tracer
Why do you main them? Love the dinks
Who’s your least favorite hero? I love them all though
What’s your favorite map? Hollywood
What’s your favorite skin? Young Ana, Blackwatch McCree, and the Tracer racer skins
Why do you use the forums? When i can’t play, i am here LUL.

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Who are you?
Tamago, 36
UX Designer

How long have you played for?
I think I started 6 months after initial release.

Who do you main?
Right now, maining Moira for Season 8

When I first started I played a lot of Pharah, then moved onto D.VA and then Junkrat for a long time (as you can tell by my play time).

Why do you main them?
Moira is so much fun to play. I made the noob error of getting carried away on being DPS Moira. But since S8 I forced myself to focus on healing and it’s been a lot more enjoyable.

Who’s your least favorite hero?
Genji. I’m sure most feel the same way. His deflect is way OP and is an unfair mechanic.

What’s your favorite map?
Don’t have a favorite map, but I like playing Defence!

What’s your favorite skin?

Why do you use the forums?
Keep up-to-date with dev posts and also to see what the nerf of the month is…seems to be Moira this month!

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Who are you?
I’m Ampharos! Hey everyone :smile:
How long have you played for?
I started playing during the open beta and have been hooked since.
Who do you main?
I main Lucio and DVa, but I like to practice a large variety of heroes.
Why do you main them?
I picked up both very early and fell in love with their mobility, survivability, utility, and of course the booping :wink:
Who’s your least favorite hero?
To play? Probably Doomfist (at least outside of custom games). He feels really fragile when I play him. To play against, Mei. She and Sombra counter most of the heroes I play it feels like.
What’s your favorite map?
Ilios I think, but I really love all of the KOTH maps. Also BlizzWorld is just a work of art and love.
What’s your favorite skin?
Capoeira Lucio :heart_eyes: And my Gladiators DVa :shield:
Why do you use the forums?
I actually only had 3 posts on the forums before today, I came to check out the new forum platform. I’m pleasantly surprised by it and looking forward to seeing another facet of the OW Community. (I’m now active on 2 subs, the forums, twitch, and twitter :slight_smile: )

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Who are you?
I am Rocky and 14 old and middle school.
How long have you played for?
2 years since when first summer event.
Who do you main?
Reinhardt or Soldier 76.
Why do you main them?
Both are important in Competive and they are strong.
Who’s your least favorite hero?
Widowmaker because I sucks at aim.
What’s your favorite map?
Junkertown because it look like borderlands series.
What’s your favorite skin?
Junker D.Va because it look like fallout or borderlands series
Why do you use the forums?
I like to social to other people and want know what heroes’s counter.

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My first post in the new forum and many more to come later.

I thought its good to start by introducing my self right here. So, new forum here i come. GJ Blizzard. We love you.

Who are you?

Well, for now you can call me Archon. Im 32 (turning 33 this april) and I’m a Senior Software Engineer.

How long have you played for?

I’ve been playing overwatch since the start of competitive season 2, I wish i had started earlier. I fell in love with the game as soon as i started it, and my love for it has not dropped one bit even after playing it for 1.5 years.
Best game ever blizzard, keep up the good work.

Who do you main?

Tracer, D.Va, Reaper, Zarya, Sombra in that order

Why do you main them?

Tracer is my hands down most favorite hero. I can play her forever game after game and never get bored. I love her personality. Again I thank you, blizzard for creating such a cool hero.

Who’s your least favorite hero?

Hmm, tough question. Maybe Torbjorn.

What’s your favorite map?

Well, most people hate this map, but i move it. Its “Horizon Lunar Colony”. Lot of space to run around as tracer. Love point B. :slight_smile:

What’s your favorite skin?

It has to be Cruiser D.Va skin and Jingle Tracer.

Why do you use the forums?

I love to share knowledge with people, I love making friends. Aaaaand most importantly I love writing long posts :smiley:

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Who are you? I’m Oktavia, 28, I like to draw/paint and I freaking love holographic nail polish.
How long have you played for? Since a little after Eichenwalde was released.
Who do you main? Junkrat, Reaper, D.Va, Orisa, and Moira.
Why do you main them? I find each of their playstyles fun. I also enjoy listening to Reaper’s voice.
Who’s your least favorite hero? To play would be Roadhog. I’m not a good hooker. I don’t dislike any of the heroes.
What’s your favorite map? Eichenwalde and Route 66.
What’s your favorite skin? I love a lot of them. Blackwatch Reyes, Witch, Beachrat, Van Helsing, Black Lily, Rose, Chang’E, and others.
Why do you use the forums? To check on info about events and lore, and sometimes enjoy whatever stupid drama that comes about.

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Who are you? - I’m Fowl, (bt Scout) I’m 17 and a student.
How long have you played for? - About a year (with some interruptions).
Who do you main? - Genji, Tracer (Flex DPS)
Why do you main them? - Because they require skill
Who’s your least favorite hero? - Symmetra
What’s your favorite map? - Probably Eichenwalde
What’s your favorite skin? - The Badass Genji one
Why do you use the forums? - To have a laugh

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Who are you? Qendel
How long have you played for? since the beginning of time immaterial
Who do you main? Zen (Flex Healer/Tank)
Why? He’s an omnic monk that throws orbs. Who wouldn’t?
Least favorite hero? Flankers (just kidding, don’t have one)
Favorite Map? Chateau
Favorite Skin? Cultist
Why use these forums? Because reasons.

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  • I’m HalfWeeb, I’m a 19 year old College student who is half Japanese and half white.
  • I’ve played since the Beta
  • I currently play McCree, Zarya/D.va, or Zen/Moira depending on the situation but overall am a Hanzo main lol
  • I just overall have the most fun with Hanzo and getting those headshots is just sooo satisfying
  • My least favorite is actually McCree lol
  • Favorite map is probably Hollywood
  • My favorite skin is either Mercy’s Winged Victory or Ana’s Snow Owl.
  • I haven’t used the forums in quite a while because I’m usually on the subreddit but I like this more because it’s a little more personal.
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Who are you? im yeti331, i main tank and support, been stuck in bronze for a long time now but making the most of it.
How long have you played for? i started at the end of the first halloween event
Who do you main? i mostly play lucio and dva and i would like to at some point consider myself a mei-n. i love mei
Why do you main them? dva i remember constantly dying to self destruct bc i had the awareness and knowledge of a dog with a bucket on its head and thought to myself i want to use her ult it seems ridiculous and it was fun this was also 400 armor dva so almost never dying being a new player rewarded a lot of bad plays which was also nice
Lucio i think was back in season 5 little before mercy changes maybe closer to season 6 but either way never really had any supports in my matches so i decieded i wanted to learn how to play lucio and more so learn to wall ride which is so much fun and is most of the reason i still play him
Who’s your least favorite hero? i dont really have a least favorite hero. based on my own playtime doomfist but a lot of this is having never really learned him yet. i have about an hr on every hero and i feel as though a lot of heroes i can passably play if i have to. doomfist i havent gotten to an hour yet bc i cant get him to work so i guess doomfist
What’s your favorite map? 2cp anubis its mostly open and second point is my favorite lots of places to position, pillars for lucio etc i like anubis b defend at least a lot. control llijang, its a pretty leniant map you can bring most heroes into it and they will mostly work out. payload dorado you can play almost anything, theres flank routes for flankers, open space above for pharah or dive tanks, theres high ground almost everywhere, theres a lot of stuff you can try hybrid kings row, theres a lot of options here as well and the side routes are fun
What’s your favorite skin? black cat dva, and most mei skins
Why do you use the forums? i like to amuse myself with dumb posts but i also like to try to help people and give tips or advice when i can. i usually end up just ****posting a lot of times though so theres that, a lot of times i seem to play devil’s advocate and either disagree or defend on topics that seem to be very one sided on the forums so no downvotes for now will be nice for that. mostly i just go here when i bored at work though

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I am Skybox! I am an 18 year old B A S T I O N main [please don’t ban me]. I played Bastion after realizing that I really liked shooting people with a machine gun and popping them with tank shells. I also play a lot of Roadhog and am frequently upset when my hook breaks on the tiniest bit of environment.

My least favorite hero to play against is Genji, because deflect isn’t fun to play against when it appears to have priority over every ability in the game. I don’t like playing Lucio because wallride feels clunky and I can’t really take advantage of momentum building. My favorite maps are Kings Row, Eichenwalde, and Hanamura. Any Outlaws skin is fair game, but Avalanche Bastion, Ice Fisher Roadhog, and Oni Genji are also sweet. I use the forums so I can endlessly complain about the heroes that kill me and how Roadhog’s hook breaks on EVERY DAMN THING WHYYYYYYYYYYYY

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I’m SomebodyElse!

I’ve played since… eh, I dunno. Last Summer?

I main D.Va, Mercy, Ana, Reinhardt, and a bit of Mei when I get the chance.

Mercy and Reinhardt are due to “flex” heroism. Ana is because I got tired of playing Mercy, and D.Va is because nyoom nyoom rocket robot! Mei’s because she was one of the first characters I picked.

My least favorite hero is probably Genji. That’s just a whole other set of skills that I ain’t putting the effort into learning.

My favorite map is actually Hanamura. The difficult points and open areas give it a sort of challenge I like out of a map.

My favorite skin is Florida McD.Va’s.

And finally, I use these forums because I get bored and/or lonely.

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-I’m Brodi, a 16 year old Plat Console peasant who has been playing since open beta
-I play flex dps and support
-I like helping the team with whatever they need
-Mei, I just don’t enjoy playing her
-I mainly use the forums for patch notes but like to read some things here every once and a while

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Who are you?
I’m Witch. 22.
How long have you played for?
A little more than a year. I switched to PC a couple months ago.
Who do you main?
D.Va. I want to get better at all tanks though.
Why do you main them?
I really enjoy D.Va’s playstyle. Extremely versatile hero. I feel like I can do it all. I enjoy tanks in general though.
Who’s your least favorite hero?
I like them all pretty much. I hate playing against Tracer though.
What’s your favorite map?
King’s Row.
What’s your favorite skin?
I think the best skin in the game right now is Cultist Zen. It’s just so cool. There’s a lot of great skins though.
Why do you use the forums?
I get bored sometimes. I like talking about the game.

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