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I’m Tomic, (Hi Tomic) been play sense beta. I flex round the supports but I like Lucio best. His personalty is nice. I can’t stand Hanzo cause I can’t work his bow well. My map is Junkertown (nice look). Best skin…is perhaps Rein’s bundeswehr (like the camo).

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Who are you?
I’m known as Profane on BNET and FaneBlackwing on XB1!

How long have you played for?
I started playing shortly after the game released on console! Around the end of May/beginning of June iirc!

Who do you main?
Ooooh… I main a LOT of heroes. On console I main: Orisa, Sombra, Moira, Zenyatta, and Mercy. On PC I main Doomfist, Bastion, Junkrat, and Ana.

Why do you main them?
Sombra: My favorite character in the game with my favorite playstyle! Her personality is very similar to mine irl as well. :slight_smile:
Orisa: She’s a mix-match of most of the tanks and I love how she can protect her team while also being able to protect herself.
Moira: Similar to Orisa, she’s kind of a mix-match of the supports and she’s one of the few healers that can reliably fight back when in danger.
Zenyatta: Basically the same reason as Moira except for the fact that his discord orb is one of the best standard abilities in the game and makes it easier to deal with MANY characters! I also love denying a Dragonblade :3
Mercy: Her original pre-rework kit excited me a lot, and despite really disliking how she plays now, it’s hard to put a hero down that you’ve spent around 100+ hours total playing.

Doomfist: He’s super fun! I love how flexible he can be and I can’t wait to see where the devs take him in the future. He’s pretty niche right now but after seeing the Sombra changes and hearing about Hanzo, I’m excited to see what they may have in store for him.
Ana: For some reason I can actually partially aim with her on PC despite having awful aim. Plus, I’ve always wanted to use her seriously in comp. since she released.
Junkrat: Well, I can’t aim, and you don’t need to aim to be effective with him! Plus he’s a funny character with an interesting background.
Bastion: He’s so adorable! Plus he can do a LOT of damage and be a pain in the neck for enemy teams if they can’t deal with him. I plan on getting his golden weapon soon!

Who’s your least favorite hero?
Soldier: 76. He’s pretty boring to play compared to most other heroes and he’s super basic and easy to use.

What’s your favorite map?
Gameplay wise would probably be either Dorado or King’s Row. Aesthetic wise, definitely Hanamura.

What’s your favorite skin?
That’s between Baihu Genji, Winged Victory Mercy, Butcher Roadhog, and Cultist Zenyatta. They’re phenomenal skins!

Why do you use the forums?
I like to share my opinions and discuss a game I’m very passionate about with other people who are passionate about it. :slight_smile:

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  • The name’s Sharpe. The E is silent.
  • I’ve played the game from open beta to present day.
  • I’ve been maining D.Va since I started playing.
  • Aggressive, mobile, durable. She molds like bread and butter to my playstyle. And getting a clutch 5-man with self-destruct is one of the best parts of the game.
  • I don’t have a least favorite hero.
  • Generally I like most of the Payload and KoTH maps. Likely because they’re a throwback to my TF2 days.
  • Scavenger D.Va. Perfect all around for my tastes.
  • To stay up to date for the most part.


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  • I am Ŋuclear, 23 year old lost on the road of life
  • I played during Beta but didn’t start playing live until post Sombra release.
  • I’m an Ana main, and a part-time Bastion main.
  • I enjoy high skill cap heroes and playing support, and sleep dart is SO satisfying.
  • Junkrat… sorry trashmouse mains, but your nades are heatseeking I swear.
  • King’s Row for sure. Eichenwalde a close second though.
  • As lame as it is, my favorite skin is probably the default Ana default skin. It’s so quintessentially her I can’t not love it. (so big thumbs up the OWL skins are improved default recolors)
  • Currently I use the forums to try and help bring some changes around for my part-time omnic buddy Bastion. He’s not in a great place and I think I’ve got a few good ideas
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Who are you?
I’m Synaesthesia on PC and Divinity_Herself on PS4

How long have you played for?
Since the open Beta

Who do you main?
Hanzo, Doomfist, Reaper and Moira

Why do you main them?
Up close and personal gameplay works best for me

Who’s your least favorite hero?

What’s your favorite map?
Blizzard World

What’s your favorite skin?
Okami Hanzo

Why do you use the forums?
Keep me updated on buffs and nerfs


Who are you?

Bill Warnecke, a lead engineer on the Overwatch team.

How long have you played for?

Since the very beginning!

Who do you main?

No particular main but I love McCree, Zarya, and Zenyatta.

Who’s your least favorite hero?

I love all of the heroes, but I wish I was a lot better on Reinhardt. I get too impatient and end up dying a lot!

What’s your favorite map?

So many great maps but I think Château Guillard is really special.

Why do you use the forums?

I really love hanging out with the community. I also look for things that are broken!

  • Who are you?

Faylen Sol. Easily found on other sites by that handle. I’ve also gone by Cloud before on other forums, but not in a long time. I used to be a forum moderater on the Runescape Forums under the handle Faylen Sol. But that was a very long time ago and I’ve since stopped playing that game.

  • How long have you played for?

Since the Anniversary Event. Just before Season 5 started.

  • Who do you main?

Lucio :frog::wave:t5::loud_sound:

  • Why do you main them?

Easily the most fun character in the game. He doesn’t make a huge impact outside of Enviromental kills, but makes a bunch of really small impacts that add up (Such as peeling, breaking enemy positioning, speed boosting past a choke, etc.).

  • Who’s your least favorite hero?

I don’t have a least favorite, but my worst hero is easily a tie between Doomfist, Tracer, and Genji.

  • What’s your favorite map?

Illios and Hanamura. Hard to pick.

  • What’s your favorite skin?

Outlaws Lucio skin

  • Why do you use the forums?

I am and have always been forum junkie.

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I’m Jamie, I’m 31 (I think, I lost count at 27)
Played since Season 4
I currently main D.va
I main D.va cause the community forced me too
least favorite hero would be tracer
favorite map is Numbani
Favorite skin would be Mercy’s latest new year one
I use the forums to try to get input and answers from the devs

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I’m Bex and I’m a Guardian who’s playing Overwatch while Destiny 2 is in a lul.
I’ve been playing since christmas 2016.
I main Mercy.
I main her because her mobility with the guardian angel bunny hop is really fun and I very much enjoy managing everyone’s health bars.
Symetra, once she locks onto me I can’t do anything if I have no mobility.
Junker Town on point B and C because of the angles for Zarya to abuse.
The Medic skin for Mercy. Its super cute and I love the staff she uses with it.
To talk about overwatch. I want to be a trusted user and be nice to everyone.

Can we expect maps that are similar to Chateau Guillard sometime soon? :smiley:


Who are you?

How long have you played for?
Since Open Beta so almost 2 years

Who do you main?

Why do you main them?
Most engaging playstyle/Gameplay

Who’s your least favorite hero?
Mercy, playstyle is too bland

What’s your favorite map?

What’s your favorite skin?
Painted Doomfist

Why do you use the forums?
To lol at whiners and report bugs

Hey Bill, My name is Brett and I read you look for things that are broken. I have a suggestion that you may enjoy!


Thank you for your time and consideration!

Who are you? Doctor_Six on PS4
How long have you played for? I’ve played since October 2016
Who do you main? McCree (530 hours)
Why do you main them? Matt Mercer is my idol
Who’s your least favorite hero? Toss-up between Mei, Genji and D.Va. They can all go die.
What’s your favorite map? Dorado is where I do my best work
What’s your favorite skin? McCree’s Riverboat and Ana’s Snow Owl
Why do you use the forums? To see if any new lore gets snuck into the dev’s responses.

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Who are you?
I am 29 and i do not have a job yet (was disabled during last 10 years).
Battlenet name is Snowflake, people used to call me delicate snowflake on discord so the name stuck.

I am not sociable and somewhat shy, so in game i mostly tend to play soloQ.

How long have you played for?

Around 1 years and half.

Who do you main?

I main Mercy, when i am not busy one-tricking her.

Why do you main them?

Because her gameplay attract me the most. Strong monoheal and fly escape is really fun, also i usually like to play support in heroes based games.

Who’s your least favorite hero?


Unlike McCree who is a handsome, sexy man that need lot of skill
and is a pleasure to watch,
Hanzo is void of any skill, spam log randomly to hit, miss shots to instagib.
Climb walls like a coward, never hit something when you damage boost him.
Stupid ult kill you from nowhere, block vision, have annoying sound effect.

The character himself is ugly and often make weird noises.

Garbage character, when i see him in my game i really hope he lose miserably (enemy, teach him a lesson to be so bad) or he switch ASAP from this useless scarecrow (my team).

What’s your favorite map?


What’s your favorite skin?

Most of McCree skins. But i think he is the most attractive with his Halloween outfit (Then beach McCree is interesting, nice skin colour and upper body, but the died hairs is a bit weird). Talon McCree is really nice too, as classic white McCree is.

Why do you use the forums?

Because there is no good social system in game and so i need to come on the forums to talk a bit (which is easier than in real life).

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I think it’s cool you took the time to do this, lets the community get a better idea of who the team is behind this awesome game! :grin:

Maybe you can sweet talk some of the other members to do the same!

Keep up the good work!


-I’m SteveyHooves a 27 year old Brony
-I joined on a free weekend in November 2016. I thought it was everything i wanted LoL to be.
-I Played a Priest in WoW so i was going to be a Mercy Main. Then after 300 levels of getting killed and no protection i gave up and Main hopped till i found Tracer. I loved her so Much i went into comp to get her golden guns but we always needed a tank. i didn’t mind switching so i would pick Reinhardt. After a while i played so much Rein i liked him more then tracer so i got Reins Golden Hammer.
-i’m a defender… i like to to Protect my people. if everyone didn’t pick flankers and Pharah. though he’s the kind of person i want to be. so optimistic just happy all the time.
-Genji… he’s not a bad hero its more of a personal thing.
-Eichenwalde or Blizzard World
-Horizon Lunar Colony
-The Chinese new year one for rein.
-thats harder to answer. i do it because i’m negative to post or nerf/buffs. i do it to i’m only up during the night and i can’t find people to talk to.

Who are you?
How long have you played for?
I do not recall not a year yet.
Who do you main?
I main Pachimaru
Why do you main them?
Because he is all
Who’s your least favorite hero?
I don’t got one really
What’s your favorite map?
King’s Row
What’s your favorite skin?
Pyjama mei
Why do you use the forums?
To spread my trolly/helpful/silly knowledge

  • I’m AkaiEngarde, first of her name, seriously, if you come across this username it’s definitely me (lol)
  • I’ve played PS4 since last July and PC since December/January
    *I main Mercy, but can effectively utelize every healer to a degree (Junkrat is the main of my heart)
    *I just really enjoy healing
    *uhh…hmmm…to play? I guess Hanzo? I’m terrible with him lol
    *Kings Row and Eichenwalde
    *Junkrat’s cricket or Fireworks skin
  • I use the forums to kill time at work
  • I’m Spinyshy, 21 y.o.
  • Played since late beta.
  • Lucio/the rest of supports crew
  • I love to play supports, especially if they supposed to be aggressive: Zen/Lucio/Moira. But also don’t forget about healing and positioning.
  • S76, he’s boring to play zzz…
  • Ilios/any koth map but Oasis.
  • Jazzy (Lucio), Peppermint (Sombra), Skullyatta (Zen)
  • I feel happy when I can solves someone’s trouble or question.
    P.S. Usually I use russian forum cus I’m from Russia but here came new design so wanna check this out!

Who are you?
Just call me SunsetS0mbra!

How long have you played for?
About a year and a half - since around the first halloween event.

Who do you main?
Sombra, clearly! (Followed closely by Pharah}

Why do you main them?
Sombra: Fun as hell gameplay, love to sabotage and disrupt enemy pushes!~
Pharah: Flying around and bombarding with rockets…whats not to love?

Who’s your least favorite hero?

What’s your favorite map?

What’s your favorite skin?
USA Mccree, oddly enough.

Why do you use the forums?
Keeping up to date with community stuffs and developer comments.