★New offical patch notes (Hanzo and Mccree buffs, Ball nerf)

I was about to send my friend a link to https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/news/patch-notes/live/ where I first read these patch notes but this patch is no longer there. Maybe it was meant to be put on experimental and it got pushed to live by mistake?

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This is actually a pretty healthy change considering where it starts.
It covers the length of Reinhardt’s feet to his hammerhead as it hits the ground.

Mei can walk into Reinhardt while he shields, and freeze him WHILE SHIELD IS UP because there is a gap between his collision hitbox for his body and his shield.

Now you do that and Rein can kill you where he couldn’t before.
This won’t change much for anyone other than Mei and/or other Reinhardts.

The real “what the hell” is all the buffs to burst damage in this patch.

Bad publicity is better than no publicity :smirk:

Some players may quit this game, but maybe even more might join from all the attention.

Right, but you could at least toss down an IF and trans in response or something. Now you just won’t even have a chance. The shatter will kill the IF and poof, down everyone goes.

But regardless, it is kind of a silly change that will also result in two opposing Reinhardt’s both just standing in front of each other bumping rectangles hoping and praying their team shoots down the other one’s rectangle first so they don’t get instagibbed even worse than usual lol.

This changes none of those interactions. Not one.
Because this only applies if you’re in non-rein melee range, against Reinhardt.
If you’re not hugging him, you’re going to get slammed and stunned, but not instadie.
It’s a very short distance.

Also… Orisa, Sigma, Ball have been S+ tier in GM for months. Rein has absolutely NOT.

Patch temporary reverted to fix hanzo bug

??? Ball needed nerfs with his dominance on the ladder.

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If Ball is able to spin on a spot for more than 6 seconds, im sorry but that is more a problem with the enemy team than ball being broken.


Whoever is in charge of balance is clearly a Cass main and has trouble dealing with Ball and Doom (the 2 heroes he already hard counters).

Meanwhile, they also made torb do everything better than reaper LOL


Worst part is, reaper also got some changes in the last experimetal and yet we only got the Cass and Torb ones, he legit got left out.

Also yup, Doom already struggles a lot but with the extra 25 hp and the mid air roll… What do you even do aside from changing heroes?


Cassidy’s winrate is in the dumps guys. At every rank he’s near the bottom, even GM where people can aim.

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If we go by winrate, arent other heroes in far worse spots than him? like bastion? This buff is completely unjustified.


The D.Va defense matrix being 10% larger is literally more balanced than this

by… like 100%

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Bastion is getting a big redesign so they’re not going to touch him before that goes in (be it OW1 or OW2). Also Bastion is exceptionally strong in low ranks, but not Cassidy.

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Im sorry but Cass is also strong with Flash and FtH, plus lets be honest… OW2 is long ways away, neglecting heroes because they will be eventually “good” in a game that mey not even release this year is not good.


um… sigma and zarya exist? lol?

“Cass is broken because Flash + FTH is too easy” is a gut feeling that’s simply not backed up by the data. That maneuver gets him killed half the time if the enemy team is any good.

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I agree.
But I also think Ball should’ve been nerfed.
I just think he should’ve been given compensation elsewhere or, more preferable, nerfed something else.

This nerf does absolutely nothing to Ball anywhere else.
He does not hold grapple for 6 seconds anywhere else.


This is the one time I agree Doom will be useless against McCree.

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Ah Blizz.

I love that your balance philosophy appears to be “People still pick tanks, gotta nerf 'em some more! MORE TANK NERFS! MORE! MOOOOOOOORE!” insert Kylo Ren meme here

While DPS lose every weakness and get damage buffs on top.

This patch just reinforces the DPS is favorite child narrative SO HARD. And the continuing attempts to force Rein when Rein sucks on 2/3 of the maps because Rein is the only Blizz approved tank allowed in the game.

If you guys want tank mains gone so bad, just ban us already. You already lost any chance I was going to purchase DPSWatch 2, now you’re making me regret continuing to play the game at all.