“Failed to connect to server” and Suspended!

WTF!!! While connecting to a server with a group, it errors out with “Failed to connect to server” then punished the ENTIRE GROUP with a suspension??!?!? Come on blizzard, unacceptable!!!

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well the system has its flaws. Guess there’s a problem with the servers ;o usual for events tho

I work in software, this is what we would call a “P0” bug, or one that can cause people to stop using your product forever…

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oh no, please stay, we need the usercount :slight_smile:

Not for me, for anyone, you take bugs like this serioiusly

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so you just couldn’t play for 10 mins and that’s it? Maybe the server harddrive is just a little dusty causing a unique bug now and then. I have 2k hours and never had that bug.

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“don’t play our game, we know it’s bugged”

I game server just crashed to the point I couldn’t log into BN account - just long enough for the game to finish and suspend me and drop rank. SO TRASH.

To go from a solid win streak to a forced DC and suspension?? Just tell me if you don’t want me to play and I can uninstall.