Overwatch 2 Shop Not Showing Up In Game

The in game shop/store for Overwatch 2 is not showing up in my game. When I launch the game and the main menu pops up, the shop/store is there for a split second then disappears. I have trying logging out of my Battle.net, I have tried deleting Battle.net from my %appdata%, I have also deleted Battle.net and Blizzard Entertainment from my %localappdata%, and Overwatch from my Documents, and it still won’t show up.

I don’t know how else to fix this other then uninstalling everything Blizzard and Battle.net off my PC.

We shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get something so simple to work.

20/10/22 Update on my problem. So I have uninstalled every Blizzard game I had on my PC, uninstalled Battle net launcher, deleted every Blizzard file on my PC I could find! I reinstalled Battle net launcher, reinstalled Overwatch 2 and still the shop does not show up in game.

Anyone else having the same problems, or had the same problem and fixed the issue other then the options in my previous post.


Ok! I got it!!! Ready… so… go into OW2… Merge account, if you don’t have an account to merge… merge with non existent nintendo switch account anyways… click continue… exit OW2. Go into your battle.net account settings… go to your connections… disconnect from non existent nintendo switch account. BOOM! Should take away the merge account button and add the Shop option. Hope this helps!


I’ve had the same issue as well I play on both pc and series S and I cant get it to show up at all I’ve tried googling and found a couple guides and I tried everything they recommended but nothing worked at all they really just need to implement an update or bugfix or something cause this is infuriating

that actually helped out alot thank you so much for posting that your a legend

THANK YOU SO MUCH! it worked for me! i have been dealing with this issue forever and reached out to support for a ticket, and your answer fixed this is two seconds. appreciate

Oh my god you are amazing, had this issue for weeks with no resolve

<3 worked for me, thanks so much!!

Thank uu so much OMG its working XD

Big W post. Let me suck your toooooes!

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You’re a lifesaver! Worked for me!

Thank you so much friend!

What if i have an account i want to merge? I have alot of stuff and dont wanna lose all my skins :pensive:

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