Oh no - "we are shifting our plans with OW2"

“Based on your feedback we’ve taken time to rethink OW2 with the singular goal of ensuring it is a living game, serving our players with exciting content on a regular basis”

This statement makes me wary. It shows that OW2 lacked direction, that there were internal issues (which coincide with Jeff Kaplan leaving).

So what was the original plan?
Having the same content drought for OW2 as you did for OW1

And what are your future plans?
Instead of bigger content drops we get it cut into pieces?

There is no copium left, this your only shot


It is typical PR mumbo-jumbo.

OW1 was already a living game serving exciting content on a regular basis for the first two years until they decided to shift focus to an expansion nobody wanted and allowed the game to stagnate.

This isn’t an “Aha! we get it” moment. This is a “we’re pretending that we’re dumber than we are so people will be sympathetic and give us more money”


Actually it makes me wary but for a different reason. I was thinking they were basically gonna release the full PvE collection of missions in one shot at launch. Now, it feels almost like this idea to de-couple content will only serve to drip feed us content over long periods of time. So now, instead of having 12 hero missions or whatever it was gonna be at launch all at one time, what we’ll get is maybe one hero mission at launch. Then another hero mission a couple months later. Then another. Then another. So that they can maintain that “live game” (aka games as a service) mentality.


The lack of direction was clear even when it was first announced.

It is still better to follow what the playerbase wants rather than having it canceled.

The sooner it gets released, the sooner we can be back to getting new content again.


Would make a lot of sense, since they are far behind in development and this would allow them pushing PVE out far earlier


You’re overthinking it, the original plan was to delay the release of PvP content until the PvE is ready. Now they’re pushing out the PvP changes as soon as they’re ready. That’s basically all that’s changed (that they’ve announced).


I am not convinced even those are completely ready but better than having to wait forever for a still mediocre experience.

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Personally, that they’re acting and admitting the need to change is the one thing boosting my confidence in them right now. That, and that there’s been leadership changes, both in team 4 and higher up.

It’s better to realize the mistake (late as it is) and reverse course now rather than stubbornly continuing towards certain death.


Reads to me like “We originally planned big meaty DLC packs, but now it’s gonna become a live service game with very frequent small content drops, possibly battlepass stuff” Which I’m cool with, I actually like battlepasses if the game itself is free or the battlepass has a free track


Exactly how I heard that statement too.

Considering the time they’ve had, we should get 6+ new heroes, 6+ new maps & at least push as a new PvP mode on launch.

The wording makes it seem like we’ll get maybe 1-3 heroes, a bunch of maps (lots of Push) and then they know they have plenty of content stored-up to push OW2 hard for the first 6 months… :thinking:

I like when people believe PR spin… :rofl:

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All they have done is sent an annoyingly werid message to people, in my eyes. We already thought this game was releasing late this year/next year and they have seemingly just confirmed that, whilst telling us that they will be having several betas in the coming months. It is so weird when you unpack all the PR BS they are talking.

For people who were waiting for the PVE quests etc, this message should be worrying as they literally seemed to abandon that and hardly mention it at all.

Do you mean weary?

Wary means to exercise caution in case of danger.
Weary means emotionally exhausted.

Yeah watching the update video the only thought that kept coming up is “he is lying”. What he was lying about I don’t know just kept getting bad vibes.

Nah dude. That’s when they start working on OW3.

As someone else stated, it’s corporate mumbo-jumbo. They forced this guy to grovel. Some actual news about the game is nice. A beta is nice. However, a beta which they’re only letting a few people play is not nice. I’ve uninstalled OW about 5 times in the last few weeks. I really can’t stand playing this game anymore. I have hope that it will improve. However, it seems most people left this game already and the devs completely ignore it. Even with the sequel, they seem to act as if it doesn’t exist. Bethesda does this with TES6 and it’s really annoying. How are they going to revive this series if they don’t advertise it in any way? And they almost never talk about it or give any updates?

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I think it’s a confirmation OW2 is going free and they’ll keep the game alive with battle passes.

The OG post is from March 10 and it seems that we weren’t actually far off with our guesses

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Now there’s a name I haven’t seen in a while.

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Mostly withdrawn from the game till we get new stuff, but still lurking on the forums to be up to date

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Nice I was 100% accurate :laughing:

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