New Brigitte Legendary Skin "Medic"

Nope. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Match Chat trolls anyone who wears this in-game.

No content for years. But Watch 4 hours for Beta. Sign up AGAIN for Beta 2–or pretty much paywall it with a crappy Watchpoint Pack. Donate THREE (not even just one) subs to a streamer–

–also, as an ASIDE, LMMMMMMAOOOOO at XQC and Asmongold, etc. being in this list. They’re not Overwatch people anymore (if they ever were!) FLATS, Emongg, Jay, Somnus, and all those guys that stuck it out for years? Sure. I get that supporting OVERWATCH STREAMERS makes sense, but these guys getting paid and getting Triple Gifted to play for, what, one day?–

–who will suffer from The Interest Algorithm when low, single digit Gifted’s resub but most people forget about them. Another ‘shot in the arm’ for OW streamers because it suits Blizzard’s marketing sloths.

Thank god the skin isn’t that great–and pales massively in comparison to (e.g.) Mythic Genji (and thus there’ll probably be much better Brig skins to buy in due course.) Hopefully the vast majority of people aren’t stupid enough to get baited by this crap.

I’m all for supporting OW streamers, but forcing players to donate THREE subs just to get some of the first content for OW2 (RIGHT AFTER plugging Watchpoint Pack) is a bad precedent. Already OW gamers are forking over $30+ for three? skins and the game isn’t even out–and they don’t know how frequent skins will be in the Battlepass.

Maybe I’m more cynical than most–but this feels dirty. It doesn’t respect the REAL OW streamer community (because it isn’t limited to them) and it asks too much from normal OW fans–and, OF COURSE, if you question it or call Blizzard out, "you’re a baddie for not agreeing with how they’re ‘supporting’ a streamer/OW streaming overall.

Ugh. :thinking: :expressionless:


Why does this feel like desperation to keep OW streamers alive?


:point_up: Might just have to bookmark this.

Remember when all you needed to unlock stuff in a game was, you know, the actual game?


It’s a travestry that LhCloudy27 is not on the list :frowning:

I stream all owl and conternders games -
i play this game a lot (it is my number 1 game of all time)
and I bought the watchpoint pack -
I bought this game 3 times , once on the xbox then on my pc and lastley on the switch

Now you want me to support these twitch streamers - Ill pass on the skin eventhough I love brig.

I think I support overwatch as brand and a game more than enough

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For this first event, we intentionally kept it to a limited list. This first SaS is for us to gather data and learn. Should it be successful, we’ll build on that and most likely expand availability.


Spoiler: It won’t work.


HotS is such an under-rated game. I’m so sad to see the game losing in popularity to LoL which I find boring in comparison.


the thing is you can just go to twitch gift the subs and not even watch the stream and make ow still have 6.7k views on twitch

At least make sprays etc winnable by watching the stream but i guess not !

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I just find it funny how Blizzard shoots streamers in the leg and now asks us to pay streamers because of it.

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asmongold? the streamer that drags this company every morning? how desperate are you?


Not to sound too salty but… why were certain streamers -

on this list? Don’t know if they play much Overwatch these days.


Well if the list expands and its not only for big streamers that will only play it one day and dip, then I guess its okay :pensive: but still … this concept is a little off

Well, I’m gonna be a meanie here, but if I wish to support a streamer and gift a sub to someone, 3 times, then receive the skin and be unable to play OW2 because I don,t own a phone, what exactly is my point of doing it?

Can we know more information on the addition of mobile numbers in order to play OW2? I don’t see any reason for me to take part of those events if I can,t play the game I have and I never owned a phone.



I mean it really does depend on the streamer though and if someone has someone trying to make their sub count explode.

Just off the top of my head I remember Incontrol (Starcraft II streamer) once said he made a little over 6 figures but part of that was likely that was one of the faces of EG but he also had a 1k view stream. Then again the known sub count of Mes (DK streamer for WoW) for quite awhile was 8000 which at $5 a pop and giving half back is still 20k a month.

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Welcome to F2P model. All cool skins will be locked behind some kind of pay wall just like that. Enjoy your “free” content.


It’s hard to take the list seriously when you’ve got people like Asmon & XQC on that list. People who don’t play OW, and actively go out of their way to trash talk & criticize the company and the games whenever they can.

It’s great that you plan to expand the list, but man. This first “trial run” really hasn’t hit the mark for me (and many others, it seems.) People aren’t against supporting streamers, but you’re really asking for a lot this time around. Again, I’d be all for supporting a small channel that I actually enjoy, but now I have to pick someone from this list, on something that feels overpriced, and yeah. I’m not very comfortable with this as it currently stands.


They did choose some streamers for this list who are high Twitch variety streamers as part of a greater outreach to promote Overwatch, just like the Beta 1 test Twitch Drops from last month.


Most likely because they’ll be playing the beta exclusively

Trial run? Good grief, hopefully this will be the first and last.