If you think Jeff leaving OW is good, you're mistaken

Just to give you an idea, Jeff is the reason why ALL of our skins, sprays, emotes, and anything we’ve unlocked in OW1 will be able to transfer to OW2. Activision wanted a hard reset. Can you imagine how peeved people would be if this happened? 50$ blizzcon skins down the toilet.

Heres the link to the article if you want to read it yourself.
(h ttps://www.kotaku.com.au/2019/11/convincing-blizzard-to-merge-overwatch-1-and-2-was-very-challenging/)

And from what I’ve read on the forums, hes also a major reason why this game isn’t riddled to the brim with microtransactions.
Ironically, I made a warning about this three years ago when legendary skins were slowly being put behind a paywall (And it has only gotten worse, ironically.)

Expect this a whole lot more, assuming Jeff really was defending against this kind of thing.


Jeff was a good man :frowning:


He did so much to make Overwatch consumer friendly. Now though, there is nothing between us as players, and greed.


Believing the forums is sort of your first mistake. The forums employ a circular logic in order to basically argue that no matter happens, even if it doesnt, Blizzard wants to monetize everything and when that doesnt happen its only because people preemptively complained.

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At first I liked the idea but does cosmetics really matter if it is the same game and still plays like crap?

With that said, probably nothing good is coming if a director of a game is leaving right before its sequel supposed to launch.


Google “Jeff Kaplan’s Blizzard career in his own words”. It was a really good read.

That man really cared about mmorpgs and games in general, he played the crap out of them. I don’t think there are many people at Blizzard left that can say they’re as great a man as Jeff.


Amen brother - amen. Preach!

ActiBlizzard is going to be a different beast now.

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Sadly not. I don’t think Overwatch will ever recover unless there is major innovation to balance alone.

I would have to see actual evidence of this. I see people claiming this but I have yet to see it proven.


Can you find this article, rather than spread something that may not actually be true.


Had to dig a bit, but I found it

https ://www.kotaku.com.au/2019/11/convincing-blizzard-to-merge-overwatch-1-and-2-was-very-challenging/

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:sob: He’s in a better place now… And I’m sure he’s looking down on us smiling with Gandhi and Lee Harvey Oswald.

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World of Warcraft was the great wall keeping the investors at bay. It’s finally crumbling after almost 17 years and that cashflow needs to be replaced.

Uh… why is Ghandi developing a Project Manhattan?



I had a feeling that would happen someday

As an OW fanboy, I would have actually stopped playing the game, or not got the 2nd and only played the 1st if I could

Don’t tell people they are wrong / mistaken, just on an opinion-based topic. It makes you look like a jerk. Respect other people opinions, you are not god.

Bruh how did Oswald end up in the same place as Jeff and Gandhi???

Aaron seems cool. Hopefully he shares the same vision?


You’re telling me not to have an opinion about opinions on a opinion based thread

What the heckers