I’m glad Overwatch doesn’t have a battlepass system

With many games being plagued by this terrible FOMO system, I’m glad Overwatch doesn’t remotely have anything like that. One of the more positive things about this game.
please dont start with one in OW2


Nope, but it does have something even worse - RNG lootboxes.

I’m not a fan of battlepasses either, but I’d 100% take them over a box that has a random chance to give me something I want…


No thanks, loot boxes is good rn, enough with this cashs-grabbing



I’ll never understand why people suggest battlepasses as an example of good monetization, I hate them with a passion.


Really the only way a battle pass would work is if ow was free, the pve was paid, and all og owners who paid money either get the pve for free or a special skin/emote

But pls dont to that devs


Ummm… to be fair,the seasonal event exclusive items are a form of FOMO.

"Look at this cool skin for your main! Be sure to get it now or otherwise you have to wait until next year! Oh you don’t have enough credits? I hope you’re ready to buy some RNG gambling boxes :slight_smile: "

Not to mention the weekly challenge cosmetics and the OWL exclusive legendary skins + Pink Mercy & Noire Widow,which seem to be in a “never coming back” type of situation.

If OW went F2P and it implemented a Battle Pass system,it would make things slightly better honestly.


Heeeeeell no, I’ve never played a F2P FPS that wasn’t plagued by hackers, a larger playerbase would be nice, but this price is too high.


That’s a fair point,but hackers,smurfs,etc are already a huge issue,even with the base game costing 20 bucks.

They were an issue when it cost 40 USD at minimum.

Rng lootboxes that, with time, allow you to earn everything for free instead of having to pay 15 dollars every 2 months.


I will be forever grateful if we never get a battlepass in this game.


I have legit everything unlocked.
After s6/s7 they add an update that lootbox wil preffer gifing stuff you dont have rather than gifing the same agian.

Oke thr rarety is RNG like 7% tp get legandairy but stil I love lootbox over battlepass. I already feel like I buyed yhe game already.


Agreed, OP. Unfortunately, the fact that they’re happy with Weekly Challenges makes me think they’re going to go for battle passes in OW2.

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Heroes of the Storm says hi.

That game allows you the buy Shards i.e. the cosmetic currency with gold that you earn from playing matches and completing daily quests.

So that proves lootboxes aren’t necessary to begin with.


They have the potential to. As someone who is gold border, with over 1000 hours in the game, I still don’t have some skins and emotes for heroes that have been in since the start of the game. The amount of hours you actually have to put in to get everything is absurd.

Someone who is diamond border could even have such bad RNG, that they might not even get everything in the game by that point, it’s all down to luck. The chances of having that many hours and not getting everything is slim, but it is still a possibility with RNG


I didn’t say they were necessary, but I would much rather have some sort of option that let’s me get everything free than have to pay 15 dollars every 2 months.


I’m gold border level 60 and own everything.


It is the same for a battlepass lol. I never got all the stuff in the fortnite battlepass, or the COD mobile one because I don’t grind them daily. Then when that 2 month period ends, the stuff is gone forever. I will never have the chance to get that stuff again

Exactly. Would you rather put in a ton of time to get everything and be able to get everything forever, or pay 15 bucks, put in time to get items and if you don’t get them then they’re just gone??


Overwatch doesn’t need a battlepass because it’s a fun enough game to keep people playing without exploiting FOMO, simple as that


Just because you own everything doesn’t mean other people do.

I’m gold border level 151, and I’m still missing multiple legendary skins for heroes like zarya, zen, symm, reaper. Heck, even ashe, who has been out for almost 2 years now, I only have 1 legacy overwatch legendary skin for her. Same with brig.

I’m not saying they should implement a battle pass, because like I said, I also am not a fan of them. But, at least battle passes are not based on RNG. Also, they could go for a free to play battle pass style like warframe, where you complete daily and weekly challenges to unlock each level. And items in those “nightwaves” return in future ones too.

I’d honestly much rather they gave you credits everytime you levelled up, so you could pick the skins you wanted rather than having to get loads of skins you don’t want, just to start getting duplicates to get the skins that you do want