Game runs like a slideshow

This game runs horribly. I’m playing with a G-sync monitor, I’m getting 165 fps, my temps are good, my network latency is less than 100ms but for some reason this game acts like a slideshow. Sniping is impossible, aiming is almost impossible. It’s not my internet or my computer that’s the problem, your network is the problem, it’s been a problem for a week now.

Also your support page is broken, submitting a ticket being impossible, the submit button being grayed out. Typical blizzard

This forum is only for troubleshooting, so I can talk tech stuff with you if you’re here for that.

Can you add your DxDiag here or on Pastebin?

https : //pastebin . com/k1RHKybF

The only suspicious things happening in the report are:

  • RAM usage error for Overwatch (this is generated by Windows, and is common, even when you have loads of RAM).
  • Lots of crashes from Firefox.
  • A crash from BTweb, which is a Web plugin from BitTorrent.

Beyond that, have you updated your chipset drivers for the CPU? Or have you checked for overheating/temperature spikes with an app like HWMonitor?

What about your temperatures?