Earn a Legendary Kiriko Skin by Watching Overwatch 2 on Twitch!

Most likely are about consoles and certain countries accounts. Not all places and plataforms are region free.

Why are we being told we have to re-link our Battle.net to Twitch? This doesn’t really make sense since there is a 7-day period where I will be locked out of linking. If this is necessary to participate then the lockout period should be getting waived here.

edit: quoting the appropriate passage:


When it comes to product licenses received those are still separated by region, which has nothing to do with playing the game on different datacenters even if you use a VPN. You will still access your cosmetics on your account when you log in.


So if my account is already linked, do I have to disconnect it, wait, and then reconnect it again?


Can someone PLEASE explain the part about relinking and picking the region?

Do we have to relink now or after OW2 is released? And what do they mean with “be sure to log in your region because that’s where your drops will be delivered”??


If you see your Twitch username in your connections list on account.battle.net/connections, you are good to go. See my image above as an example.


Looks like the dev team learned from having skin unlocks limited to only 100 or so streamers. And opened it up to any streamer.


Okay thank you. The wording in the original post " **Regardless of whether you play on console or PC, all players must re-link their Twitch and Battle.net accounts to be eligible for Overwatch 2 Twitch Drops, even if you’ve participated in Twitch Drops in the past." reads like even if you see that you have to re-link it. It’s not very clear that if you are already connected on bnet like your example that you don’t have to disconnect and re-link it

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I would suggest to reinforce this info on the 2nd post. Several folks would ask about it due the text on the 1st post not being much clear about folks who already linked

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Isn’t that skin going to be obtainable for legacy tokens in season 2 anyway?

Maybe this one should be added to the Q&A in the news post. Cause with the wording it sounded like cosmetics might be region locked, which would not be so fun for people playing on several regions.


Weird but it says that my Twitch is not linked…
And i participated in twitch drops events in the past. How??

This is where they mention re-linking through battlenet itself.

weird, my account wasn’t linked here even though I got OW drops before

Basically, we recently updated our system with Twitch, so most players will discover their account link is no longer intact. This is the first promotion we are running with this new system.


You also had to pay those streamers :smiley: Haha this was hilarious

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Sorry what do you mean? I just linked through the chrome browser, is that good enough?

Okay that makes more sense! Thank you for clarifying!
I am still of the opinion that the wording could to be adjusted to “check your battlenet connections to insure you are still connected to Twitch as we’ve updated our system since the last OW drops session” or something like that as the current wording isn’t super clear. But that’s only my opinion and I do appreciate the time you take to clarify these questions <3

Craig answers this above–

Good. Makes total sense to do that to raise even more interest for a new Support hero.

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