Blizzard can you please work on your communication?

Seriously, it was really bad the last years and you got a lot of flak for it for good reasons

“Improved transparency, working with the community and better communication” was your statement in March, but it was not on the menu when you planned the event

People are confused what they actually can expect

Their is a lot of rightful criticism

Why showing the battle pass just for 2-3 seconds?
Why didn’t you address monetization?
Why was the PVE section so scuffed?
What’s the PVE model? Monetization?
What’s the reason for shifting from box PVE to seasonal episodes?

And many more

As you said: The game is in the hands of the community, then please treat us a such

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This is exactly how I feel. As much as the last week has been a lot of significant news, all of that news has been things people have heavily speculated or thought ‘yeah this makes sense’ leading up to the reveal. That Junkerqueen leak from a while ago was completely accurate, it was inevitable that OW2 would shift its business model to be in line with most of the similar competition, and so on and so forth.

Nothing here was really gone over in depth other than I guess the roadmap (which is appreciated, but doesn’t get down to the nitty-gritty like we needed it to). Just ‘hey there’s a battle-pass’ and things like that.

I suppose we’ll receive information going forward. I really don’t like that, though; there’s clearly a lot of essential information that has been nearly or already has been figured out that they’re just not sharing because… why? Like, it kills me how many bread-crumbs one has to follow to figure out how exactly Symmetra’s receiving changes in the next beta. Disregarding controversies, it’s ridiculous: She received nothing in the OW1 experimental, so it had to be communicated that she was being changed in the first place. Then you have to comb over what I can only assume are extremely deliberately placed clips of Symmetra in this reveal stream to find implied & far from detailed adjustments to her ammo, secondary, and Teleporter.

Why does this have to be so complicated? Communication is coming more frequently now and it’s greatly appreciated, but these like big events refusing to find clarity is super annoying. I think they detailed all of Junkerqueen’s abilities in the presentation? I don’t even think they were all stated at the same time.

All of this struggle here is making it really difficult for me to be excited for OW2. I’m trying but everything is just going to be so frustrating until we hear more, which is crazy when this June 16th event was supposed to be the thing where we hear more.

I want to be positive, but I have to be critical

I think it’s deliberately designed this way to prevent push back from the community, but as we can see it does not work
It’s a mess and again it damages the community

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