Anyone Else Having Issues With OWL Tokens Drops?

Id bet there will be someone who replies unironically with “WhY DoNT yoU bUy SOmE?”

Did you guys get the Lucio skin yet?

Lucio skin will get during the tournament matches. This is qualifiers.

I watched 4.5 hours not long ago, and I haven’t seen any tokens for it this entire week, I’ve currently got the stream open in Firefox, on youtube, so hopefully I’ll get the token drops for today.
And yes, I do see where it says Connected to b,net

It probably won’t get fixed this week, considering we’re in the weekend already. Hopefully next week and if we’re lucky we might even get the accumulated drops.

Nigthbot one of there agents for the OWL on YouTube in the comments said this: “We are aware of an issue affecting the Overwatch League Perks system. All viewers with linked accounts who have watched the YouTube Broadcast this weekend will receive their drops by Tuesday 8/23”.

FINALLY someone had seen the problem with the token drops.

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Greetings, everyone. I did confirm with the Overwatch League that they are looking into the issues and will catch up on the token drop rewards. It may take a few days but they will catch them up so keep watching.

I will look into any issues with the Contender skins when I get back in the office on Monday. Just remember there are many more broadcasts remaining on the B-Sides schedule to collect the necessary hours to collect those skins.


Thank you for the update and response.

Question though. You say we have plenty of streams for b-sides to get the skins unlocked. While this is true, will we get the skins if we completed the time thresholds from wednesday’s day 1 stream?

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I’m also not getting any token after watching hours of live (and yeah everything is setup properly), so if there is an issue with Blizzard, does it means the hours are still counted and rewards will get distributed at some points or it’s gonna be reset when they fix the issue ?

Thank you Wyom… Craig! :laughing:

I hope this is resolved soon, although it is true that there are still many days ahead of part B of Contenders, not everyone has every day for it (now it’s better because we’re still in summer time, in september a lot of people go back to their jobs) and these first hours for Sigma/Moira I hope they aren’t lost and count when the drops work (and with the League tokens too).
Now let’s wait.


Thanks for this! Hopefully, all of this is resolved soon.

Yes, I stopped getting tokens in the middle of last round a week or so ago, ending at 199 tokens. I never got to buy the Mercy skin. I have also been logged in and have way more than enough time for the Contenders skins, haven’t seen them come through.

Thank you for the response Craig! :smiley:

Why are these things always broken? I carve out time to get these things on so I can get these things early and not have to keep thinking about them. This is getting old. How can one thing constantly never work? It’s ridiculous. I should already have Sig and Moira.

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Hey what happen to the people who saw all the side A in the web and didnt get any skin? the web just tells you you are geting rewards but now i think its only with youtube? :confused:

I just got both the sig and the moira skin. Might as Well check if you guys got them too :slight_smile:

LOL, You mean the 20 thousand people who have it streaming in the back ground? Extremely dismal numbers if you ask me

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Good thing no one asked you then.

We get official confirmation on the situation and then you come dragging in your needless negativity.

Edit: I just checked and I got the Sigma skin. I knew I watched just about under the 10 hours so I wouldn’t have gotten the Moira skin, so I’m glad that they fixed the issue with the Contenders skins even earlier than the promised Tuesday.

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It is very much warranted negativity. They have put all their apples into OWL and it’s failing. If it fails the game will fail.


Ok i update my status. I got only Sigma Contenders skin. Maybe I lost some time to get Moira skin. So I’m not panicking right now and wait for Tuesday. Still no tokens.