PTR Bug Report

1.28 PTR Known Issues (5)
PTR Bug Report Forum Guidelines (1)
All Doomfist abilities cancel Reinhardt's earthshatter (Bug) (12)
Pressing Respawn as the killcam appears in Mystery Deathmatch will respawn but force you to watch the killcam (2)
Junkrat T-posing after getting hit with Pile Driver (4)
A4fd2153-3acf-4662-b75e-de2ff399c0a6 (1)
Mei's ultimate can freeze through the drum/tortoise on Busan's checkpoint (video included) (4)
Attempting to mute someone but game keeps unmuting for a unknown reason (1)
Brigitte is still op (1)
Brigitte still rotates random directions (5)
(video included)Sombra translocator has some camera facing issues (1)
Sym tele spawns its entrance very inconsistently + no turret bombs (4)
Symmetra hitbox beam bug unplayable (2)
Sym Alt Fire Hitbox (2)
Sombra translocates out off the map and instantly translocates back (2)
MEKA Base Doomfist Rocket Punch bug (1)
Orisa's Halt vs Bastion in Sentry Mode (5)
Destruction of Ethnic characters is Very Bad (1)
Skin-specific voice lines have generic previews (1)
Missing content in hero gallery (1)
Character models failing to load (1)
Busan - Wrecking Ball, Pharah, Texture Issues (Multiple bugs) (1)
Busan attack/defend line broken (2)
Reinhardt's Earthshatter has a dead-spot on inclines - Video included (7)
Rein's Earthshatter not working on non flat ground (bug + video) (4)
Invalid Skirmish objective text GUID on hero selection screen (1)
Reinhardt Stair Bug (2)
HUGE Sombra bug (1)
Wrong Map Shown (3)
Busan: Stuck in Ring Chair (3)