PTR Bug Report

PTR Known Issues List (1)
PTR Bug Report Forum Guidelines (1)
Some weapons are still missing in Hero galley (1)
Elo is not changed (2)
Can't put TP in Spawn (2)
Not able to tab out of game an in again (2)
Bindings for one hero will apply to all (1)
Mei can destroy friendly Hammond mines, please change this (1)
No voice line sound bug (4)
New Hero Gallery (4)
Widow Locked into Scoped w/ forced movement (2)
Pharah ammo restoration after ultimate bug (1)
Reinhardt earthshatter is still bugged (4)
Hero Gallery > All Heroes > Flavour Text missing (1)
Hammond (Wrecking Ball) bugs I've seen (2)
More Sombra bugs (2)
Junkrat T-posing after getting hit with Pile Driver (1)
Unable to update to play PTR (1)
Hammond/Wrecking ball pilediver (1)
Hammond Issue with HP (1)
Rocket barrage reload glitch (1)
Brigitte's Heroic Highlight intro doesnt work (1)
There is a bug concerning Ana's sleep and Hammond's (Wrecking Ball) slam (1)
Secondary ability key lock is now empty (1)
Weapons missing in hero gallery (2)
Wrecking Ball --- [JUNKERTOWN] map bug PTR (1)
Under attack voicelines not working (1)
Infinite reload with Junkrat's Rip-Tire without actually using the ultimate (5)
Hero Gallery Issues (3)
[1.27] The fissures seen during Reinhardt's Earth Shatter have disappeared (3)