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1.31 Known Issues List (5)

Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of all currently tracked issues affecting this build of Overwatch, rather this is a targeted list of some known specific issues with this release. Patch 1.31 Heroes Ashe When s…

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Welcome to the Overwatch PTR Bug Report forum! The primary function of this forum is to collect reports on issues currently affecting our Public Test version of Overwatch. Our goal is that this forum will become an extre…

Brig's bash interaction with barriers (2)
Halp i think i broke overwatch (1)
No notificatios for double, triple, etc. kills (4)
Ana's gun sounds bass boosted (3)
Pressing Respawn as the killcam appears in Mystery Deathmatch will respawn but force you to watch the killcam (3)
Game crashes when loading certain models (1)
Anyone else getting constant crashes while on the PTR? (1)
Sound broken on PTR (4)
Ashe is getting potg with low kills (7)
The game kick me off with a message (1)
Remove these unnecessary dots behind every sentence in chat (1)
Ashe "Hello" interaction cancels reload (6)
Audio Distorted. Windows spatial sound (1)
Bastion's Heroic Highlight Intro Is Bugged (3)
Heroic Highlight Intros are currently super bugged on the PTR (1)
Hero's gallery visual bug (1)
FPS Drops and Stuttering On PTR Nov. 14th Patch (1)
Ashe Low FPS Scope Animation (4)
Ashe's scoping animation is capped at 60 FPS? (2)
Problems with load of the ptr client ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ) (147)
Ashe scope visual effect bug (3)
Game server connection failed...retrying (2)
Not true ban in mm for a season blizard give my money back (2)
Problems i noticed (1)
Ashe bugs on PTR (1)
Ashe's golden weapon and scope (1)
Ashe Broken Dynamite POTG (2)
Wrecking Ball Bug (1)