PTR Bug Report

When a Rein pins someone, and then gets shield bashed so Brig and Rein are stunned, it does no damage to the person they pinned (1)
Jump Pad momentum issue on PTR (1)
Baptiste Dies to Roadhog Hook+Shot in Immortality Field (1)
Junkrat still does 140 damage (3)
Low framerate on PTR, gets worse over time, memory leak? (1)
Baptiste Healing Audio (1)
Sym still can teleport inside buildings (2)
Doomfists indicator slam doesn't break breakable objects (1)
Reinhardt charge pin bug? (1)
Mercy and are still missing some ability demonstration videos in Hero info section (1)
Hack is red despite not helping the enemy (6)
Hack symbol covering enemy's body (3)
Bad brigitte + dva bugs (4)
No sound indicator when attempting to fire an empty ammo type with Baptiste (1)
Baptiste's gun doesn't reload when both ammo types are at 0 (1)
Escape Button not being read (1)
Moira's healing Biotic orb not depleting (1)
New Doomfist bug ( 2 ) (24)
Baptiste Healing Sound (1)
Baptiste Ult Voiceline Inconsistent (2)
Sym's tp still bugged (1)
Baptiste Bug: ultimate (2)
Baptiste Amplification Matrix Bug (4)
Doomfists indicator slam not working properly (3)
Mei walls covers Immortality Field (3)
Baptiste Heal Sound Bug (1)
Baptise's Ult Line Error (1)
Baptiste's never uses the last grenade in his magazine (first person animation error) (7)
Ptr fps seems to be capped even tho its not? (4)
Dying in immortality field (5)