PTR Bug Report

Is Kinetic Grasp supposed get shields from a healing orb? (1)
Client Requested Disconnect (1)
Significant Sigma Ult Bug (3)
Sigma bug : Instant death while using E against an ennemi Sigma Shift (1)
Avoided Players Invisible (1)
Competitive round-end score splash screen bug (1)
Repair pack goes to wrong target (1)
Mei ult on on illios (1)
Huge Random frame rate drops while playing Hammond (4)
Pre-competition deserter (1)
Workshop - CONTROL MODE functions not working (1)
Sigma can use primary fire while ulting (3)
Orisa Overclcocked Trophy bugged for ps4 (1)
Remaining status effect texts (2)
Control Map Bug - Enemy 'Round Won' Circle Blue, Not Red (2)
Lucio can activate his barrier ult being in the area of Sigma's ult (2)
Sigma infinite rock throw animation Bug (1)
Top 500 Not Showing Up Despite Having All Requirements (1)
Changing team colors breaks almost every single colored UI element (3)
Ptr crashes WAY too much (1)
TP leaving Sigma's GRAVITIC FLUX is invalid (1)
Sigmas shield when getting hacked (1)
Sigma's unstoppable ult? (10)
Subject Sigma Skin Icon Doesn't Have the Right Color (3)
Sigma sit emote (2)
Reinhardt OWL Skin Defect (1)
Rein vs Sigma bugs(?) (1)
Is the PTR server down? (3)
Top 500 not registering (1)
The best play has disappeared (1)