PTR Bug Report

Havana second point wall breaking game (1)
Havana second point payload door bug (1)
Replay System FOV Modifier still not working (1)
Creating Effect Radius Incorrectly Executed (1)
"Disable Built-In Game Mode Respawning" not working (1)
Effects randomly and rarely get the wrong attributes (1)
Please revert the new slam "bug fix" (2)
Replay can travel anywhere (5)
Replay bug: Camera doesn't follow first-person when Player switches heroes (1)
Baptiste ammo counter (1)
Skin bug associated with highlight intros (1)
Exiting game browser (2)
Replays: key binds still wonky (1)
[BUG] PTR client not connecting to server (1)
Baptiste's launcher counts healing rounds wrong (1)
Replay System is not working in my custom mode (1)
Replay System D.Va Cam (1)
Replay system bugs (1)
[Workshop] Status effects given by the game itself cannot be removed (2)
Can i get my custom games from ptr? (2)
[Bug] Orisa's reload animation (4)
Replay mode / Havana map bug (1)
[Bug] McCree shooting animation on high ping (1)
Set Max Health resulting in 601 HP on hog (4)
Translocator bug (1)
Doomfist primary fire bug (1)
[BUG] Payload stuck on Havana second point (6)
New translocator is rolling crazy like a dice (1)
Sombra's translocator will spin in a circle and disappear (1)
Server crash May 24, 2019 (1)