PTR Bug Report

Ashe un-scoping issues (8)
Meteor Strike bug (1)
Not a legit penalty blizzard (1)
Whisper message bug (1)
Game crash Game crashes if you change the screen (alt tab) (2)
Still cant access PTR (1)
Jump Height is NOT consistent for specific jumps (5)
BoB gets stuck on payloads (1)
Halp i think i broke overwatch (3)
Whisper Bug on PTR (1)
Wrong subforum. Sorry (1)
Ashe ptr server bug (1)
Brig's bash interaction with barriers (2)
No notificatios for double, triple, etc. kills (4)
Ana's gun sounds bass boosted (3)
Pressing Respawn as the killcam appears in Mystery Deathmatch will respawn but force you to watch the killcam (3)
Game crashes when loading certain models (1)
Anyone else getting constant crashes while on the PTR? (1)
Sound broken on PTR (4)
Ashe is getting potg with low kills (7)
The game kick me off with a message (1)
Remove these unnecessary dots behind every sentence in chat (1)
Ashe "Hello" interaction cancels reload (6)
Audio Distorted. Windows spatial sound (1)
Bastion's Heroic Highlight Intro Is Bugged (3)
Heroic Highlight Intros are currently super bugged on the PTR (1)
Hero's gallery visual bug (1)
FPS Drops and Stuttering On PTR Nov. 14th Patch (1)
Ashe Low FPS Scope Animation (4)
Ashe's scoping animation is capped at 60 FPS? (2)