Bug Report

Placement loss and suspension (4)
Wrecking Ball Bug on Busan (1)
Can get stuck in storm rising (1)
New gamemode dc (1)
Storm Rising Score not saved (1)
Why do me and my friends, who are low gold - plat keep getting put against Grandmasters and Masters players (2)
Disconnects in pve event (1)
Reaper shadow step cooldown is at 10 seconds (2)
Bug on Rialto Retribution with boats; expert lvl (1)
Sounds not working properly (11)
Hacked Health Packs Colorblind Settings Bug (1)
Widowmaker Surveillance Nova Skin (1)
Bad aspect ratio in Storm Rising cut scene (1)
New junkrat's skin bug? (5)
"Oh no! We couldn't find what we wanted to show you." (1)
Disconnect every 30 minutes (5)
Lost SR due to your servers problem (2)
Storm Rising score not updating (2)
Archives don't save highlights (3)
New Update Glitches (1)
PVE Match Crashing (6)
Disconnecting from Archives missions (5)
Storm Rising Scoreboard (2)
Dc 2 times a game and long log in screens (1)
RX580 at 165/170 in temps (1)
Storm rising bug en learbords (1)
Loss of Input ingame (1)
Input Method BUG (1)
Racist, Toxic players (3)
Diva ultimate absorption bug (8)