Bug Report

Custom game mode grayed out after patch (1)
Arcade post-game "GAME FOUND!" + slow "CANCEL SEARCH" buton (1)
PS4 Friends list error (1)
Sound bytes not playing issues (3)
Developers please pay attention (1)
Genji dash through map geometry on Horizon (1)
Dva Nano Cola Skin Missing (1)
Textures overlaid on the map of Paris (5)
Brigitte Bug in new patch (4)
Brigitte Bug (Shield Glitch) (1)
Dva and Orisa bug (1)
Mei Ice Wall - Delay Bug (3)
The large characters get stuck in the luggage rack of the Paris map (1)
Sleep Dart During Doomfist Ult Bug (1)
No background music at end of deathmatch and POTG (1)
-delete me please- (1)
Custom game presets unclickable (1)
Can't Bind LMB to Movement controls (1)
Hero Gallery... cannot rotate models ( 2 3 ) (42)
Still Can't Rotate Models After Paris Patch (1)
Visual bug Venom Mine and Dynamite (1)
[PC] Patch Hero Gallery Bug - Can't Rotate Character and Weapon Display (17)
New bug with Brigitte's shield (1)
Win 10, Overwatch sound quits suddenly (1)
Invisible Ana on 1vs1 (1)
London Spitfire player icon (1)
Brig's shield turns opaque (1)
Battle.Net Broken (1)
Character Visibility on Paris (1)
Map loading theme bug (1)