Zhim shouldn't be considered healer for matchmaking purposes

We’ve all been there. You’re in quick match, you queue up, get in a game, and the healer you’ve been given is a Kharazhim.
Except, surprise surprise, he has no interest in healing whatsoever. So you lose because you functionally have no healer. It just irks me that the game would give the team a “healer” who is designed to ignore being a healer.
inb4 “it’s just quick match”: I still like winning okay?


Either adjust your play accordingly, or queue up as a healer other than Kharazim. Problem solved.


I am in fact an Auriel main, and would love it if occasionally someone scratched my back too, you know? It’s tiring knowing that your game won’t have a healer unless that healer’s you.


I empathize, healer is my most played role (easing more into Bruisers these days) – but, it’s QM. Zero expectations, by definition. :man_shrugging:

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Problem is way too many in this game play tank or healer just to yolo and not to help anyone.

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It kind of sucks if the Kharazim doesn’t want to heal, but the value of having a hero that can be played in multiple ways is more interesting than fiddling with the matchmaker. If he isn’t a healer, then he would just be OP in non healer games.

I honestly wished there were more multi class type heroes. Miss my old Tyrande and Tassadar.


Kharazim is a fullfledged Healer even with the builds not considered that. So disagree and doesn’t and shouldn’t matter what players do and don’t.


Looks like an l2p issue. Kharasim is a great healer, no change needed. He is fine with every build, even Ironfist. It’s not like Varian, when enemys get a main tank, but the Varian in your team picks Colossal Smash or Twinblade and your team ends up without tank.

I agree on this though. I miss the multiclass role and would like that more heroes would be added to it.


tyrande has been reclassed and reworked due to some qm concerns, so there is a case-history for it.

Changing another qm exception may be less than desirable and part of the issue of wm kharazim might be a design issue of the heroes talent options. While a rule change may be easier/faster than a rework, a number of heroes have not had qm rule-changes made to them, and more heroes have been, and are going to be reworked in the meantime.

people also play DPS to yolo and not help anyone. So, the problem is people are selfish.

I’ve seen so many times a full HP assassin moving away from a skillshot, instead of blocking it for their 5% HP ally.

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Like Healbot Lucio’s, who are scared from Erik.

I play qm kharazim, you know what i want the most?

A team mate, not even the whole team, just one mate that will go in with me. You have any idea how much healing i dont need to do when you burst kill a mage/carry? A truck ton that doesnt show up on the stat screen.

I hate green fist, but i must take it often becuase i need the additional throughput since no one groups for the heal. No one likes to spread damage so its more effective healing either. I use the midfight at start to gauge what i can take.

Play into the healers strength and kara is a monster thats also fun to play as/with.


The problem is, that isn’t just a Kharazim issue. Any healer can be played poorly. I have seen Auriels who never crown anyone, Rehgars who spend the entire match getting ganked trying to steal enemy merc camps, Deckards soloing a boss because why the hell not, Lucios soaking lanes, and so on.

And furthermore, it isn’t just a healer issue. Muradins who want to play the solo lane, Stitches’ who do absolutely nothing while Hook is on CD, or Blazes who think they are a back line mage all infest QM on a regular basis.

Kharazim is a solid healer when played by someone who understands how his kit works, and one of my favorite dive buddies when I am playing Tyrael or Anub’arak. But like any other hero, you can’t expect people to play him to his full potential. You just have to accept that sometimes they just want to go punch a wall for 5 minutes because Insight.


I think it’s awesome that the pros use damage build. It means that as Khara you can pick it and have fun without the judgy stigma from your team mates.

“Urg. Healer thinks he’s dps. Terrible spec. Gg”

just got out of a match where i suffered this ignorant judgement.

“wish we had a healer”
“please explain in detaill how green fist helps here”
“well it heals, which you aren’t doing…”

welp thats a mute. end of the match another team mate:
“2x the healing on the enemy team”

imagine how easy it is to heal as bwing when your team mates have a bunch of self cleanse’s, the enemy team doesn’t focus a target so no one dies, and the enemy team dies constantly becuase your team does focus. hmm… gee. i just cant figure out why the enemy team has 2x my healing.

maybe i’m not getting credit when you respawn with full health at the base? /s

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The classic potato arguement, no further explaination needed. :joy:

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Had one go poop fist and decide he was going to solo-lane, chase kills (and predictably die), and ignore the objective the other day in towers of doom.

He bragged about being #2 in damage when we lost.

The mindset of pros are also lightyears infront of casual players that complain everyday on this forum.

same thing happens with vikings, although vikings are a support, since there are so few support options half the time my team has no healer and the enemy team does, and at that point, the only thing i can really do is apm it up and hope i can get to 13 quick enough that we dont lose the game so that i can consistantly snipe/deter there healer.