"Yrel is Chen tier" - WTF


I do like the ‘warrior for support mains’ design, but she’s kind of a hero who’s been held together with duct tape.

Her charge up failed so they lowered her trait cd to try and mitigate it. Which helped, but still didn’t fix the problem.

She was supposed to be a main tank, but couldn’t do it. Largely because of her unreliability. So they pushed her into a offlane bruiser, which she was quite overpowered at during the invincible Blaze/Yrel meta.

That meta needed to be taken down and they did. And they tried to push Blaze in another direction, maybe not that successfully(I think, not too up to date on the state of Blaze), but the attempt was there. Yrel…they just left hanging. She doesn’t have a position to play and they aren’t trying to give her one.

In fairness, she is in fact, better than Chen. But she’s not good.


kind of wish they would just trash that mechanic for both of them. just admit it fails and rework it. theres nothing wrong with that. hell… they had to give sylvanas an entirely new ult way back after she came out because what she was released with just wasnt working out.

well when chen was released he didnt really work well either. we all knew the “drinking” (charging) mechanic was a failure. he could be stopped by any displacement or stuns. look at the game now? there are so many displacements, stuns, and silences. its just not a good mechanic to have at all.


In fact, I was the one I said she was chen level.
She has no purpose, she is not a solo laner and she can’t tank, she is a bruiser for peeling and being annoying but she is not meta, she is barely used in HL and TL, so I only play her in QM, I love draeneis, I main LFD (female, please don’t judge me and hating me) paladin in wow.
However I have to admit I overreacted about Yrel’s state.




i repeat, Yrel is the best tank in the game, and she has the ability to solo against any of the biggest lane bullies. her aoe damage, self sustain, and knockback make her one of the best solo laners in the game. she is literally invincible 1v1, she wants for nothing in her kit and talents. her only conceivable weakness is her mana costs


I think I was told once that any hero in the game can be a tank with the amount of support (or double support) provides. I honestly think it defeats the purpose of a tank being an actual tank.
if it’s not competitive anyways. Competitive is different compared to HL, and HL has all kinds of tanks due to rankings. (Imperius main tank, like… what? that one needs to be explained to me)
Yrel fits way more as an offlaner since she is unkillable in the right hands. Prefect candidate for soaking exp without the worry of becoming ganked. looking at the mini map isn’t much as an issue like other offlaners.
Yrel as a…“tank,” other heroes can do the job much better like Garrosh, Diablo, Anub, Johanna, or even Mura (who is considered basic 50/50 which is bad).


that is the only thing that matters here, Yrel is everything but a ranged assassin. she is stupid OP


It matters, but only in higher level play. That’s the only place I agree with you with that.


Had a game the other day with a Yrel as I was playing Tyrael. I really felt bad for the enemy team (who consisted of two mages, Ana, Diablo, and Muradin). Me and Yrel were constantly on their backline between her jumps and Tyrael’s teleport/movement speed, and when I got Judgement it turned even more nasty. I want to say their Kael and KT ended the game with something like 7 deaths apiece, with Ana at like 4. We went in, went in hard, and let our assassins mop up the tanks after their tanks found themselves with no available support. Easily the most fun I’ve had in a while.

I agree though, a well played Yrel is a terror on the battlefield. Kind of makes me regret the fact that I can’t play her overly well yet.


-> Yrel
-> Tank

Pick one.

Also, she’s rather weak.
Even in Masters she has a 43.3% win rate.

What Blizzard should do is reduce the charge up time of her abilities from 1.5 to 1 sec, increase CD of her trait from 8 to 10 sec, buff Divine Favor’s CDR from 1.5 to 2 sec, and have Maraad’s Insight again grant heal on attack after casting abilities instead of hitting heroes, but have both it and Holy Wrath provide their benefits only when fully charged abilities have been cast.


(20 awesome characters)


(20 awesome characters)


Well I mean, you can’t really say much about her win rate when you have warriors with still overloaded kits (Diablo, Garrosh, and ETC, anyone?) in higher ranks. Most of the lower win rate warriors are at the lower win rates because everyone everywhere goes for the warriors that have everything and are virtually impossible to take down.


Or maybe anyone who says otherwise is just not at gold level or below…
She was nerfed pretty hard and never gets picked anymore.


People who say Yrel is weak should watch the finals of the latest pro tournament, the Toasty & Gladman Heroes Invitational sponsored by Tempo Storm and Redbull. Yrel was used to great effect that series. I thought Yrel had been gutted too until I watched that series and it turns out Yrel was used all tournament long.


As a best winrate Yrel EU on grandmaster league i say NO


chen is chen tier.
18 19 20



yep, discussions over people, nothing to argue about anymore.

yrel is beyond OP and will get nerfed again. her trait, sacred ground, and talents are all completely busted. second round of nerfs incoming. i never played her before she got nerfed the first time, my god she must’ve been more overpowered than release samuro.

yrel is beyond broken OP, she has almost no counterplay. i said in another post that yrel is not ‘broken’, i was wrong.

a good yrel is probably the strongest single hero this game has ever seen


I mean, Yrel has solid tankiness.

She also has a decent amount of peel, able to talent into a continual 75% slow, as well as having a baseline knockback+stun in her kit.

Of course, her peel also requires her team to play around her - If a squishy is being dived, a Diablo can just point-n-click, a Muradin can leap-n-stun, ect. A Yrel, though? The squishy has to go TO Yrel to get peels.

Also, Muradin, a very popular tank atm, hard-counters Yrel.

Yrel’s own strengths kinda counter her too - She has the highest AA damage amount tanks, sitting at 120 dps. However, she can’t get the full damage of her kit out, ever - If she fully channels an ability, she misses AAs. If she uses abilities quickly to maximize AAs, they aren’t at full power.

There’s also the fact that her abilities go on full CD when interupted - No other cast time/channeled abilities in the game are like that. If you interupt a Chromie’s Q, Azmodan’s Q before it goes off, it does not incur a CD time. Sure, Azmodan’s E is on CD (And is pretty much the only non-heroic channel I can think of), but it’s CD starts on channel start, NOT channel end (So if it goes all the way off, it’s 3.5 second CD, unlike Yrels who can channel for 2 seconds, and then have a 6 second CD anyway)

So, Yrel needs a few small tweaks to her kit imo to climb out of the low-40% winrate.

One - Increase in AA damage AND Attack speed, proportionaly. Make her AA more resemble Stukov’s (240 damage/hit, 2 second swing time)
Two - Ability CD starts on channel start, NOT channel end. While this will allow for significantly more ability usage on Yrel’s behalf, her high mana costs will help to curb that.
I mean, really, that’s it. With those two buffs, Yrel will NOT be countered anywhere near as much by CC as she currently is (Exception of Muradin), and she will be able to maximize her already high damage output.


That sounds like it would make her pretty OP. In the right hands she’s already pretty good.


absolutely this. i thought the same thing, but i played her, and i realized why they nerfed her the way they did. like i said, yrel has been perfectly handled. she is ‘balanced’ around skill, like medivh is. but i still wont be surprised if she gets further nerfs. im not even a good player and i think she is actually overpowered