You play heroes of the storm since when?


I play heroes since the day i have get the oportunity to buy it from the blizzard launcher, that was like an early access i guess i have get some character in the pack and i was enjoying my first moba. :smile:


i played it since the beta,

first mains were raynor, diablo, kerrigan and tassadar, in that order lol

call me crazy or biased, but i dont tihnk the game was as chaotic back then as it is now, much more many original builds and so on XD lol


I played it since i got a pc with the power to runing it, around 2 years.


My main was arthas and ETC, those two character are still the more level hero i have on every other hero :blush:



To me the invincibility of illidan in alpha was only a myth. I watched mfpallytime vids religiously when alpha was going on


yeah I got into it when you could buy the pack that gave you beta access as well. You also got 3 heroes(raynor, diablo and tyrande I think?) as well as the golden cyber wolf


I was playing before Kael’Thas was released, I think it was Sylvanas-ish in Beta.


I tried to do early access but they wouldn’t send me a key, so I did it whenever it hit open beta or launch. Whichever was the first time to get it without an invite.


Closed beta during the Thrall patch.


Played since you can buy into the beta.


Played since beta. Thrall was the newest hero.


Butcher Patch :grin:


Closed beta, release of The Lost Vikings


Played my 1st game ever on 2015-01-21 9 PM.
(Started off with 5 Valla wins in a row in QM)

Hmm I guess I was 1 day late to buy the Founder’s pack, as it was announced on the 20th…

Aaand thx to hotslogs, the stats of my 1st game ever are still there:
hotslogs . com/Player/MatchSummaryContainer?ReplayID=8426964


I joined when they did the Overwatch promotion with the D.Va skin.


A couple of years ago when they had a cross promotion with WoW. I hadn’t played a MOBA before, and joined with a few friends to farm up the WoW mount, got hooked, and here I am. Several of those friends still play on a regular basis.


Since it launched.
Couldnt play during beta becouse of a @€%@& chemestry exam.


A week before Leo release in 2015.


I came for the skins back in 2.0.

Ended up with something else than the skins.

You go figure out yourself.


Started late March/early April 2017, can’t remember exactly… maybe it was even late February… :thinking::sweat_smile::man_shrugging:t2:
Was a player of WC2 and WC3, and wished to play those old heroes for the fun :sunglasses: