You can invite someone now?

Go to profile. There is a little + that says invite. What does this mean

This might be here forever but just noticed it

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My profile isn’t hidden, try it on me! : p

If you look at summery and activity it says invites.
I dont know how to use it yet

It just says no invites to display

There is some option to invite people into thread discussion (i do not remember just now how to).

I guess this is where you can manage these invites now.


No new avatars. Im sad now


The invite thing has been here very long. Its nothing new. You can invite forum members into threads.

I need the Baby zombie unicorn plushie icon in my life.

Care to remind me how this works? Done this once ages ago and can´t seem to find/remember how to now.

I also can’t find it now, but let me try something. The site says I’d bne notified if someone mentions my @name.

So @Sami

Edit: nvm, dunno how.

It creates a URL you can use to give someone access to the forum, even if they aren’t a member.

This doesn’t really do anything for this forum, as far as I can tell, because everything is public anyway, but you will need a game account to do anything other than read threads.

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Discourse allows users with a sufficient trust level to invite new users to the site. Invites can be configured to redirect the new user to a specific topic when they first join the site.

Yeah, I don’t know if this works for the HotS forum, because you can’t just ‘invite’ people here, your game account must be active and above a certain level before you can participate on the forum (General Discussion etc).

Only bug reports subforums work for anyone who signs up far as I know.

Even if this feature worked for inviting new users, they wouldn’t be able to post until they downloaded HotS and played several matches.


You guys are aware that about 60% of all features are removed?

There’s unironically private chat, add friends through forums, “special” sub forum for higher levels and much much more like this new thing.

Of course most of it is disabled.

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