Wtf is time to krill used for

Literally see no one in YouTube uses it I don’t see google telling me talent builds with time to krill does this mean that needs to be buffed?
If time to krill needs to be buffed the only thing that comes to mind is while hitting a player with time to krill murky leaves green fluids behind creating a slowness path for anyone following both murky and the person he’s hitting his fish with.

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You don’t like his best lv7 talent? Fishphemy…

Black Lagoon is nice but sometimes feels like a crutch talent and Slippery is just ‘nice’, but the cd reduction/bubble speedbuff isn’t necessary in all matches.

It doesn’t just slow heroes, it’s nice extra damage you can’t get otherwise on lv7.

In most QM’s, the buffed Bubble is often nicer though. Especially when there is no tank.


I saw videos of HoTS Fan using it though they could have restore it to its prime aka 1 dmg per second and 1% slow more on lvl 0.

Time to krill goes well with toxic buildup at level 16 and slime time at level 4 and any other talents that let you slime when you want to slime…slime…SLIME!

Edit: what I should add is that this is my favorite talent at level 7 it really ties these other talents together.