Why is qm so toxic

Was trying to teach one of my friends to play and in both qm games our teammates started raging. Was ridiculous because i was definitely playing well enough to offset my friend’s noob (took a 2v1 as jaina and won lol). QM is for learning is it not? Ai is a good place to start but they’ve still got a bit of work to do in that department.


I’ll never understand why some people take QM seriously enough to start flaming, but I guess that’s how it is. Your friend should probably turn ally chat off if it becomes a huge issue.


Shut up and play :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
All jokes aside I get it. People play to win, so they get weird decisions like going decimate but glass cannon vs pyro without the spell armor is just nonparticipating

I also am a tryharder but I get when we cant do much because of a bad comp. But I hate when people deliberatly going AFK or be toxic on things you cant controll.

Ignore the clowns.


Because the matchmaker is terrible. Instead of placing people into similar skill brackets it makes higher skill level players babysit people that can’t figure out not to try and take a merc camp with Uther during an objective fight. It gets old.

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There isn’t really any place for learning in the game.

I’m sure a lot of new players give up pretty quickly.

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Versus AI is the place to learn and teach, IMHO, also “try-mode” could help a little bit with that for the very basics.

QM may not be a “serious” place, so to speak, but people in there still try to win, there is still an actual match going on against another group of people, and in that sense is competitive already as far as the definition goes, even if that match doesn’t represents nothing more than the sole pursue of victory itself, no rank, no real reward, no nothing, just the joy of winning, but that’s all it’s needed for people to care about it.
Also, many people simply don’t play ranked or unranked 'cause they simply don’t like drafting, where they can’t always choose and play the hero or role they like any time they like, without having to wait several minutes for a match to be found, nor be “forced”, so to speak, to play another certain hero or role they dislike neither. QM may be a relaxed competition, but is an actual competition in the end.

So, unless you think losing is cool (or better said, making others lose, giving 0 ducks about them), then QM is not a place to learn, is a good place for practice, though, but learning and practicing are different things. In the later you at least already understand what’s going on and how stuff should work and how it should be done, you only need to get good at it. The former not only almost guarantees a lose for the team, but can be perfectly done without disturbing anyone in vs AI, where it belongs.


For the record, i agree with your point, but in my personal experience, not that much really, people often mistake practice for learning. But that’s just me.

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I only get upset in QM when people leave from the first minute and never come back.
They don’t even try to reconnect, meaning they are just trolls.

And that seems to happen around every third game now. I hate playing HotS in solo queue now.


QM is a good place to learn because the ai don’t act like real players and you won’t get as good playing as you can get playing qm. Also some players are toxic for the purpose of being toxic and it has nothing to do with your friends skill level.


Not defending any behaviour but things to be aware of:

Lots of people consider QM their main mode and do not see it as a training mode.

With the great buddy system patience for new players and super noob mistakes can become very thin.

People are just toxic in a pvp environnement.

Also lots of people use the "first time " excuse in QM an do stupid things going way beyond having a bad build or not being aware of some interactions/synergies.

Lastly with the number of frustrated smurfs abuse in QM people do not even know if people are new or just griefers.


I mean, it is, but you can probably see it from their side as well, no?

It’s not fun playing with new players when you’re expecting to be matched against similar skilled players. Personally, so long as people say they’re new, I try to give them some slack, but you also can’t really be surprised by their reactions.

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Because rank is dead lol

Just about any player vs player event, game or sport is pretty much ‘toxic’ these days. Some games are notorious for their communities and some game devs outright abandoned those communities (not sponsoring/hosting events anymore) because they don’t want to deal with it anymore. Some of which have been in the spotlight for revealing aspects of their top end players are worse than players had realized :confused:

Competitions are supposed to be offset by ‘sportsmanship’, qualities that teach people to have some respect for other plays, lose with some grace, and understand that they can always be better, push harder, or learn more. They aren’t the top, there’s always a bigger fish, and someone may catch up to, surpass or even help them on the way. But nope, don’t have time for that anymore.

Basic gist for isolated gameplay is that people think ‘learning’ ends at some point, so anyone that is trying to do that is beneath them. Similarly, players can claim they want a challenge, but functionally, the game is a ‘waste of time’ if they won’t win, or at least convince themselves that they won’t. So they get angry and explode at other people to blame them for any and all else they can, esp since having something to blame reinforces their image of themselves.

So you have players that think less of any one else, are addicted to thinking themselves the peak of whatever else they do, and anything else is going to cost them the game. Basically, people play games like how they drive.

Stuff like sportsmanship and being teachable require ‘delayed gratification’, but all the social media tropes, constant stimulation from mobile devices, the pacing of movies/shows/etc all undercut people being able to develop patience and curbing hype-driven highs. So when stuff is less-than-ideal to them, they lash out at whatever else they can because they have perpetual ‘right of way’ (borrow driving lingo) and everyone else needs to get out of their lane and eat crow.


…basic game mechanics, and hero muscle memory (e.g., “OK so in this match I’m going to focus on landing Lunar Flare the instant any team mate uses a root or stun”). You cannot develop actual team-fight skills and good decision-making under pressure against AI.


i have played QM since the game released and love it btw , but yes some people are way to aggressive , just 2 days ago i got somebody telling me to go kill myself because i was not doing what he/she ordered… thankfully it’s still rare for me to come across players like this on the europe realm.

just hope the report does something , nobody should have to listen to things like that , what if i had been a kid and took it to heart?


Thanks for agreeing with me, since you just described practice (you already know what to do and how it should be done, you only need to get better at it).

A very different thing would be “learning”, which belongs to AI, where you l-e-a-r-n how to play and who is who and what is what, etc:
“This map’s obj is this or that, that Hero is X, and that one is Y, careful with him, no worries if you die, but try not to feed. Look at your mana, is low, so you should go to a fountain or B, etc etc.”

All of that can be perfectly done in Vs AI without disturbing a match for other people, aka your teammates, in QM. Once you can perfectly distinguish maps, heroes, roles, etc, then sure, go practice in QM, you will still probably be the worse player in the team, but at least you will know what to actually do, make smarter decisions (since you understand maps and heroes), and most importantly you won’t guarantee a lose because you will be actually playing instead of staying forever in one lane, or pointless fighting, oblivious of the game, trying to see what your hero can do and all that other learning stuff.
Know what I’m saying?

I would say AI is a better place to start, but once your friend gets the hang of things QM is a better place to learn because you fight against real people and have to think things out more.

Honestly I’d just mute the enemy or have fun battling them with words…

The only place where you don’t get flamed is when you play vs AI with other AI teammates :smiley:
As soon as other human beings are involved you have to deal with human beings…
This is a team game with 10 players in each match. Dealing with other players is basically a core element of this game. I enjoy the drama and it doesn’t hurt me.

A game mode itself (like QM) isn’t toxic… it’s the random players on the internet.

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When i first started playing this game i played only training mode or AI to see how the game worked and how my hero worked on a basis lvl. I dont see that much effort in new players these days. They just join a premade and expect his team to carry him while he ends with highest feed count and lowest dmg and got no clue about how the game works.

It would be nice if new players atleast give some effort into learning this game first insteed of just jump straight into qm and ruin other players gaming experience with his clueless gameplay.

And then those new players would ofc come to this forum and tell us how trash qm is. Heck i have even seen new players flame in general chat about a lose they had in Brawl. Imaging flaming about a lose in Brawl lol. How bad are you. Maybe learn the game first newbie.