Why is medivh matched with abathur every quickmatch?

It increases the queue times and gets boring after a while…

I know the answer is that the game is trying to match medivh with another support hero (and no one plays zarya or TLV so I can only match with abathurs) but come on there’s only like THREE OTHER support heroes in the game and tassadar is going to become an assassin.

Can this please be fixed… I can’t get games if no one else is queuing as abathur wtf?


His protection can go with his abathurds symboite i guess

Ppl wanted a little balance in QM, so they made role matching.

Tass won’t be an assassin, what I heard is that he’ll receive similar changes and design like Medivh, not a role change.

But yea, new Support Heroes would be welcomed.


Source? Not doubting you, just curious to read more

I would rather see a source which said he will switch roles or become a mage (Ranged Assassin).
All I found was this:

While we’re not ready to share specific details yet, I can say that we’re steering him towards the spell caster fantasy and play-style you would expect of a High Templar.

Spell caster fantasy and playstyle… that’s not equals with the Mage term used by the ppl of mobas. Blizz said nothing about becoming a mage, not being a Support anymore, becoming an Assassin, role change or anything like that.
Like… Medivh fits the spell-caster fantasy and playstyle, heck, he was even part of the Mage Brawls.

Yee he is right. They kinda try to mirror. Like if you play thrall you get a ragnaros

They’re both support.

When I play Zarya, it’s either Aba or Med I verse, or its med vs aba, or med vs zarya etc…

Those 3 are the main support people play

hmm I don’t have a source for that either but enough people on reddit seem to be assuming he’ll become an assassin and I kinda assumed those people on reddit know better since blizz always posts there

Yes but at least there’s more than 3 bruisers…

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Here is another one. Why does every game that has an Illidan place an Abathur on that same team? Watch for it in QM.

I don’t believe QM is as random as advertised. It has an algorithm. And it is dumb.

I see a lot of Illi+Aba parties and a lot of Illidans alone (I mean, no allied Aba at all).
Confirmation bias is confirmation bias.


of course it has an algorithm, silly. otherwise there would be no matchmaking at all, it’d just throw matches together with no regard for estimated skill or what hero anyone’s playing

now, what the algorithm does is another matter. personally i don’t think illidan and aba are purposefully stuck together; they just suck to go against if your team has no answer to it, so you remember those matches more. and as kara mentioned, they could be in a party together

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Hey! I just wanted to pop in here and say that we’ve heard the feedback and I’ve brought it up with the matchmaking peeps. No promises at this time, but it’s on our radar and we’re looking at it.


I can say, in QM, I play against Nova, Zera or Valera 95% of time with Sylva. So I get match … probably. Unfortunate is, there is barely any support in our team. So you get hero you want to play, but you end up to play it way you dont like.

Well those 3 are quite popular heroes.
It’s just RNG… most likely.

I do get how you feel. I feel the same when I play Chromie.

Glad to hear it. One the reasons I don’t like playing Medivh/Zarya/Tassadar in QM is because I know I’ll be matched against an Aba, which doesn’t feel very fair, as one side has global heals while the other side has an occasional shield.

Never been a fan of Aba’s healings.


In my opinion, the balance of these 4 heroes has a big impact.
Abathur - is very strong in QM, universal, a large selection of talents;
The other three heroes are situational.

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The issue about matching Supports is a fair point on the already cluncky QM team comps. Gald to hear that the Devs are already aware of that and monitoring.

Abathur provides global healing and shielding among other things, so the problem with him in QM is usually that the other team has no healing. Unique heroes or not, but for matchmaking he either has to be considered a healer or get his healing reduced.

Also his AA and movement speed increase talents are problematic. On some heroes they are just devastating. QM is a stompfest as is, no need for such mechanics.

Thanks! I think they fixed it, I’m not facing as many abathurs anymore