Why do Qhira collect Trohpies?

Considering she’s a ‘bounty hunter who loathes her job’, she collects a lot of trophies (even freaking SKULLS!) as can be seen from her spotlight. Does anyone have any idea why she would collect stuff from the people she killed even though she hates her job? The way I see it, collecting trophies is a thing you do when you kill for sports or want to take pride in your achievements and this, imo, just doesn’t sit well with Qhira’s description.


I guess in Nexus those are just reminders as despite she hunted down so many they are always back - meaning to never let down your guard as comeback is thing in Nexus.

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Maybe they are proof of completion for her missions?
And she colloects a bunch before going back to her employer and turning them in for the bounties?

Or more likely, Qhira’s design is a mess (I don’t mean her gameplay, I mean her “aesthetics”)…
Take for example her arrogant-but-always-calm personality, and contrast it iwth the fact that her abilities have names like “Carnage” or (the worst offender IMO) freakin’ “Blood Rage”… The two thing just don’t add up, really (like, isn’t fighting through “Blood Rage” about as “unsophisticated” as it gets? :stuck_out_tongue: ).


huh… didn’t think I’d ever hop onto this train… but a Qhira map fleshing out her universe a bit would be pretty cool ;D


Because she love to collect Trohpies. ;D


She hates everything. Her home is gone and she doesn’t have anything she cares about anymore, and she’s taking it out on anyone and everyone.

She hates being a bounty hunter because she wouldn’t have to be if her realm still existed. But she also hates her targets, and keeping trophies gives her the satisfaction of reminding herself that she’s still better than the “savages” she hates.

Her always calm persona is a facade. She’s always really, really, really angry. But she doesn’t show it.

But enemies don’t get to see her ability names so that doesn’t matter.

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