Who is your "comfort pick"?

I often play and experiment with newer and cooler heroes, but I always find myself coming back to Thrall.

And boy does it feel just right!

Something about his kit simply clicks with me. He’s not meta, but he’s never a bad pick, and it’s like settling down for pizza when you can’t decide what to have for dinner.

Also, out-trading Sonya and Imperius with superior poke, oh that doesn’t get old.

Who’s your comfort pick?


In draft it’s Johanna. I’m often filling tank and if I feel unsure what the enemy is going to take or just unsure of my own capabilities that day, it will be a Jo Jo day.

She has great wave clear, so you can double soak, she’s not really hard countered by any hero, so she’s fine to pick early in draft and she usually compliments any draft. She’s not as flashy as other tanks, but a good all round generalist.


Tanks: Diablo, Muradin
Bruisers: Imperius, Malthael
Assassins: Jaina, Butcher
Healer: Rehgar, Deckard


No one, because if QM taught me anything, it doesn’t matter who you pick or what you’re comfortable with, there is always one clown of a player who ruins the game for you.

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You might expect me to say Murky, but I don’t think that’s true. I certainly do play him a lot, but I have to be in the mood to commit to a hero with a very unique playstyle.

I think my actual answers are Yrel and Tracer. I can play either of those heroes at any time.

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My comfort picks are Muradin, Artanis, Nova :persevere:, Illidan :persevere:, and Uther.

(Realistically, I don’t play Nova or Illidan much. I enjoy them and they feel really good but…reasons.)

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For QM, it would be either Artanis or Blaze. I like playing heroes that can do anything needed on any map, whether it be handling the offlane, taking or clearing camps, team fighting, or just being annoyingly hard to kill. Both of them have versatile kits, and both can handle tanking duties in a pinch. Yes, I have main-tanked Artanis in draft as well as QM.

Those two are my highest level heroes, and are always reliable.

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  • Tank: Anub’Arak, Tyrael
  • Bruiser: Samuro, Malthael
  • Assassin: Raynor, Samuro
  • Healer: Stukov, Anduin
  • Abathur

I’m comfortable with tanks in general, but I just feel Anub’Arak to be so stable. Tyrael/Malthael are growing on me. My Raynor/Samuro games just feel so clean.

Murky I’d say. It’s bizarrely satisfying to play the monster from horror movies where you just constantly pop up places for a bit and then leave. Letting them know you’re there, just waiting, taking your time, till you’re leveled enough to really mess them up.

Also, being able to consistently carry 1 or 2 useless people has its benefits.


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Currently, it’s Blaze. He can do everything well, even in the early game.
His kit is overloaded in the solo lane.

Anduin. Always Anduin. Anduin when I was recovering from general anesthetic. Anduin when I was 8 time zone jet lagged on 3 hours of sleep. I like Anduin.

Azmodan. Been playing him for years, have all my timings down right. I also have progressive nerve damage and can’t count on twitchy responses or perfect aim, neither of which Azmodan needs, but I can strategize and plan ahead.

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Valla (before and after rework), Gul’dan, Zul’jin, Stukov (pre-bugs), and Yrel.

Those four I can weather pretty much any and all vs A.I games while also putting me into a “I don’t care” mentality in regards to, well, everything: enemy difficulty, enemy composition, team quality, team composition, map being played, and so on and so forth.




Artanis Raynor tyvm 20

Comfort Pick = I don’t need to really rely on anybody, and no matter how bad my team is, I can still go-in and do something useful.

At least that’s how I understand it.

  • Tank: Johanna, Blaze.
  • Bruiser: Artanis
  • DPS: Lunara, Fenix, Valeera, Greymane,
  • Healer: Lucio, BW
  • Varian in all builds.

My absolute best is Lunara. I feel that I mastered her in all possible ways, and can play her in any environment one can imagine.

My first main was KT, but he ended up on level 36 when I realised that he’s too limited. I picked Lunara when I noticed, that she thrives in fully Nova-infested environment, back then when Nova was much more powerful… So 5 years ago I guess.

I can play Lun even completely drunk and still get MVPs :]. She’s currently at level 195.

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brightwing or abathur

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I’ve only just entered Ranked recently and I’ve been maining Healers most of the time and found success with Anduin and Brightwing. They’re relatively simple to play with powerful CC tools.

But if I can’t pick healers I’m quite comfortable with Li Ming (I know, she’s meta ans she’s relatively easy to play). Also, haven’t tried her out yet, but I also like Zagara, I just don’t know when to pick her in a draft without disappointing my team lol.