Which heroes would be the best parents?

Personally I’m of the opinion that hogger would be a playful dad for any theoretical pups.

Chen would probably be a cool dad too

Sgt Hammer probably makes really good chili and cornbread.

Muradin seems like the kind of dad who’d give you noogies and embarrass his kids by cheering too loudly at their sports games


Samuro would teach MORALS and HONOOOOOOOOOOR

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Zagara really teaches her kids how to fight, Cho’Gall’s kids would get twice the wisdom, and Butcher’s kids would never go hungry.


Anduin would teach his sons how to be a man without toxic masculinity.

ETC would spend Sunday afternoons jamming in their backyard with his kids.

Mei’s kids would get plenty of help with their science classworks.

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Tf is this thread? …

Raynor and Kerrigan of course.

They can just code whichever trait they want to their kid (With some help from Abathur)
Program it to sleep all night every night.
Smooth sailing.


Genji would be a great dad. Chill, fun and all that stuff. Would teach his kids the ways of memes and anime, but also important stuff like overcoming hardship and the value of forgiveness, both of yourself and others.


I’m sure many posters would call Whitemane Mommy any day. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just another fun thread.


Best parents?

The proof is in the product and I think both Varian and Ana have proven themselves via how great Anduin and Fareeha turned out.


Well, probably not Murky.

Yeah… Keep telling yourself that

You can just mute the thread instead if you dont like it. No need to be toxic lol.


More fun to pair them together as parents.

Imperius + Whitemane = Fanatical parentage, you don’t mess with their kid. They would love the **** out of their little darling.
Anduinn + Alex = Hippie parents. Just go with the flow, maaan.
Artanis + Nova = Artanis is the loud, boisterous father who always embarrasses Nova and his kids with good intentions.
Arthas + Jaina = Very personable family that loves to take vacations and see the world.
Tyrande + Malfurion = Doesn’t have kids, just that elderly couple that’s always going to fine dining and high culture establishments.
Zagara + Anubarak = Huge family that’s “family first” in everything they do.
Sylvanas + Greymane = Love/Hate relationship with lots of arguing creating a hostile household.
Rehgar + Thrall = The gay dad couple that’s always very friendly and active in the community. They adopt Illidan an Orphan with family issues.
Kerrigan + Raynor = Great dad, mother constantly leaving to “discover herself”.

Butcher cause he will get the meats you can eats

They adopted Shandris.

Well, Tyrande Adopted Shandris. Malfurion just didn’t complain about it.

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… maybe…

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I’ll accept it, but they need a Shandris skin for Tyrande in the game first.

Okay I’m gonna throw something
Give em both like 3 or 4 more years and Orphea and Anduin would make great parents, until the yare killed and their child has to take up the throne at a young age while the other realm lords now think Raven’s Court is weak,

Then that child becomes known as Charles the Great or something by proving the other nexus lords wrong

I could see Orphea and Anduinn. They’d be parents more like “I’m a goth” …" and “I’m an angel” and our budget is $44,000,000,000 and we’re looking for a castle.

I thought Orphea already had a castle though with all sorts of terrible things in the basement thanks to her father she kicked out.