Which hero in your team makes or breaks your game?

I am sure most of you, when you see MM in QM or picks in SL, you be like “oh seriously? they are either good or bad with that hero”

Every time I see a specific hero in my team, I will always think “they are either good or bad and will make or break the team”.

  • Nova
  • Butch
  • KTZ
  • Med
  • Murk
  • Khaz
  • Varian

I am always like… “great another game with X hero… they better know how to play that hero”

I have a 55% WR with Nova, I am not the best nor the worst but when I see a nova that has barely any damage, im like… well this game just became a 4vs5.

For example: Last match, I had a Nova in my team, all game she had 11k damage, IMO, she picked the wrong talents based on the other team. Whereas I was Jaina and had 56k Damage. I would at least the nova be in the 40k+ range not 11k.

KTZ is another big one for me, there is no average KTZ in my eyes, they either land combos or they don’t

Khaz is another hero in my eyes that there is no average. Either the Khaz is great with healing and/or damage. Breaks my heart to see a Khaz having the lowest damage and healing in a game.

What are your heros that you see in your team and you’re like… “fml”

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Nazeebo. Any low tier hero because if you’re going to play a low tier you better be AMAZING or you could’ve picked something better and you might still suck but at least you’d be an s-tier.

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Zerathuls and Chens for me.

Either good or thrash

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None tbh.
I lost games with good “break or make” (feast/famine, win/lose) Heroes and won with bad ones.
There are 4 other players (and if you’re better than average you prob can carry).


While they don’t make or break the game, Alarak is a hero where either they are terrifying, or 80 Sadism useless. The only time I worry about being able to pull off a win is when I have a Muradin, ETC, or Anub’arak on my team. If the first team fight starts with the tank promptly using their escape tool to dive into a 1v5, I know I am in for a rough one.


Agree with @Karabaras for the most part, if you work together as a team you can usually make up for the weakness of a single hero/player.

It’s always more painful to see that on a hero you play yourself. I had a SL game like that recently with a six death Anub, he thought the E just meant “engage” and did so always solo into the entire enemy team. :frowning:


back when i used to main raynor, I always thought that with the viking players, cuz I was always thinking they were gonna feed the butcher or let the opponents quest, or just simply feed xp, or alternatively, just carry my sorry a- gameplay.

Agreed… I’ll add over-aggressive Johannas that get no value from walking straight at the enemy.

Who’s Khaz?

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Kh’Azmodan, my wow-dwarf based Azmodan skin idea :'D



What about a 0 Sadism 100 masochism hasty bargain Alarak?


What they lose in damage, they gain in entertainment value.


It’s not the heroes who make the difference in winning or losing the match. It’s only the other four players in my team.
When I see my team mates knowing what they have to do to win the match even without pinging a camp, objective or hazard situation, it’s a good match. When they continue brawling 24/7 in mid lane, it’s most likely a loss.
Quickmatch is all about adapting to an unknown presetting. You don’t know, how your team mates will perform, you don’t know how the opponent will perform. Sometimes you get suboptimal heroes for a map and you can still win the match.


Either none of them or ALL 90 heroes played by inexperienced player. I’ve seen bad Mei’s, who sits in a backline and using E only for retreating or my special highlight the popular DW build Q. Sitting in the backline like a squishy mage and still get destroyed by % dmg. I’ve seen Morales or Lili that heals less than Ana…

But if I have to made a list, then it would be

#1 Nazeebo, because Naz players gets an weird obsession to get 175 stacks, they play this hero passive for the lategame.
#2 Medivh, too hard to play and when I see players pick him, they end up with low damage, no soak and bad portals. So in the end he becomes a worse Zarya.
#3 Ilidan, because Ilidan players gets an weird obsession to go in 1v5, especially with Aba and die a lot.

This list is just based around personal experience in bronze-gold and it’s depending on player’s skill and not really the hero itself.

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My SL experience:
Valla firstpicks (75% of them are bad, idk why)
Honorable mentions, Alarak, Qhira, Maiev, 90% they’re sus asf.

That’s the trick with that hero, though. I’ve seen really good KTZ’s who don’t do a lot of damage (comparatively), but, since they’re landing their combos, they basically set up fights like a second tank.

Id say this is my list of breaks :


These heroes I find are the most improperly played ones and often will be an automatic loss. Either the heroes are too complicated, ppl are illiterate or theyre just plain lazy.

For instance, with Abathur, a lot of players just sit at fountain all game, even during obj and don’t ever risk going outside the gates to apply pressure. They also go monstrocity. Theyre just lazy.

Another example is Varian, especially at lvl 13 when he can go shatter shields and destroy heroes like Artanis, fenix, jojo, and many others, but because they have not learned to read, they just avoid this overpowered talent, which ofen can give you a huge edge in teamfights. They also always go “winblades” even when you don’t need it.