Where you got your name?!


Post where/why you got your username!

Disclaimer: seen spicymayo26 ask in another thread and thought itd be fun on a larger scale lol


My name was MR roboto then zuljin came out… yolo tazdingo trades= YoloBaggins


The classic murloc sound effect is named “murlocaggrob”. I think that has a nice ring to it.

More specifically, I took the name when I was making a WoW machinima when I was like 10 (don’t bother looking for it, it never made it off my desktop). It was one of many files I downloaded.


My 1st acct was Gill but it got banned so now I will never spend money again on any game that has a BS report system like Blizzards that caters to the overly sensitive.

Thus, NoMoneyGill to remind me never to spend money on Blizzard again.


Favorite Yugioh Card was Caius the Shadow Monarch and I like the word Cain.



20 characters


My friends have calling me gishki or el gishki for so many that now i feel like is my real name so in any site i just wrote gishki as my username.
By the way gishki is a yugioh archetype.


Logan is my the most foreign name.

Why doctor? Because I have a lot of things, related to medicine.


I stole someones game name in a different game and changed it a little.


I honestly don’t know what made me choose a username like “LittleFella”.
All I know is I’ve stuck with it for several years and I don’t feel like changing it. (Naming things is hard, even when naming myself.)


A friend on another forum I frequented got me into WoW. My user name on the other forum was Hokulele (Hawaiian for “Shooting Star”), and I used that for a WoW character name. When BNet was introduced, I couldn’t use the full name for some reason, so I shortened it to Hoku (Star). The name seems to be fairly popular, as I have seen two other Hokus in game.


I typed in random letters in sequences until something looked semi decent.


The name comes from Victini, pokemon of 5 generation #494 of the pokedex. Truly the golden ages of pokemon.


Mumrah is actually how I thought the actual villains name was spelt. Mumm-ra was easily dissected to mean, Sun Mummy. Mumm short for Mummy, and Ra = sun.

I like Thundercats and my first Beta character in WoW was an undead war named Mumrah. I had, if I recall correctly, about 15 people say they recognize the reference by saying, “HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” or, “Thundercats!”.

A happy accident.


A1 Steaksauce, that’s were I got mine


I made it up when I was coming up with names for WoW characters. I later found out vekkuli is a finnish word for clown/imp, so that worked out alright. :clown_face:


Gnarilex was the name of the worgen druid I mained during Mists of Pandaria. He doesn’t exist anymore as I switched servers a few times. I thought it had a nice ring to it. Gnarled like a branch. You can imagine the sheer disappointment I felt when I queued up for a dungeon with some friends and made it to the end of Wailing Caverns, where the druid you’re trying to wake up is named Naralex :roll_eyes: Been trying to get rid of it ever since, but I used my free battletag change on it and can’t think of a replacement name.


Used this name back in 2008 when playing CoD and im not that creative so it stuck with me.


Back when I was nolifing Urban Terror I found Wombat picture by accident, funny word. When I got on killing spree I started screaming MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAAT and changed it for Mortal Wombat for lulz.
Forgot about online games for quite a while, used mix of my real name and numbers (you know, retro boring way) for my used-to-be HOTS main. Made smurf to train weaker heroes in non-ranked modes (back then I thought QM games change my HL MMR lol) and used this nick. Touchy story isnt it?


I have no idea what to name myself so I decided to mix my first name with my family name, and it kinda worked.

At least there isn’t anyone else called SamiSha right? right?

Cringy story I know.