Where is the master manual for new players?


Nah man, you are delusional.
LoL don’t even have a hero close in complexity to illusion master Samuro or time trap chromie, is really straightforward button mashing brawler with some skillshot aiming (with barely any serious timing of abilities because of significant cdr in every hero build) as they removed from it all aspects of micromanagement that make the Moba subgenre any complex in comparsion to classic RTS.
LOL is more of reflex game than actual strategy.
Many battlegrounds and picking x hero better suitable for x battleground, already makes it less casual friendly game. Also actual playerbase can’t really play HotS really good, so aren’t them “average human” to you? No offense but most of salt you type is nonsense you just got caught on the Blizz promotional trick/phrase calling this game “for casuals” and you just keep repeating it.
I read once interview with former LOL championship pro player (1st place in 1st season) invited to HotS, he was asked if the game is really easier and what he said is that the mechanics are identical that the ones in LoL but it just look easier to ordinary ppl and novices.


Right dude. That’s why Hots pro scene used to be scattered with LoL rejects. People who couldn’t get past Diamond in LoL but are GM #1 to #100 in this game.

That’s why guys like Voyboy got to Masters and Dyrus to GM in just 2 weeks of playing this game.

That’s why most of the ex-HGC pros who migrated to LoL can’t even get out of Plat in pre-season over there.

Keep telling yourself how “complex” this game is to make yourself feel better about it. While every single gaming journalist, esports analyst or top player out there KNOWS exactly how Hots is a much much much simpler game.


Most HotS heroes are with very simple kits for the vast majority of heroes: outside of a few heroes, who probably could be counted on the fingers of one hand, the heroes produced in the game all have simple talents. Press Q for skillshot, press W for AE, press E for movement ability. Said abilities are almost all the time one-dimensional, that takes a single-read to understand. Compared to its competitors, HotS failed to create heroes that were giving players margin of progress. I never felt stuck trying to “understand” a hero, you’d play it and right away the kit was understood: both because of the Q/W/E for Nuke/AE/Movement copy-pasta and for the simplicity of the abilities themselves.


Are you saying that people aren’t smart enough to use the internet? There are plenty of guides and learning tools, it’s just not slammed into your face by Blizzard…


They are simply LOL shills, just like you are, just check your posting history in this forum, to prove my point.

They climbed the ladder when the game was still relatively new, (not to mention early HotS mmr calibrating system) it was like climbing ladder in LoL first season, that competitive level was pathetic low (ionia vs noxus match was already considered as bunch of random noobs back in the time) playerbase skill level is growing along the game.
It’s HotS playerbase that lacks of complexity, not the game itself, that allows many amazing plays, just people can’t really unleash full potential of heroes that offers much more exciting moments than just LOL one-shots.
Comparing rank climbing in LOL and HotS is statistically and logically wrong, considering the size of the playerbase alone and the fact that LOL has more no-life addicts who are playing since beginning and HotS more weekend players.
Also both in LOL and HotS case, it really depends on what server you are playing.

Bladerunner, with all courtesy, you don’t have idea what you are talking about.
Just check the LOL Teemo kit for example, outside of his ult it can;t be more generic.


I play too much D&D…
Saw the title as “Where is the MONSTER MANUAL for new players?”


I think it mostly comes down to the fact that if you want to even be average or anything better than average in dota or league, you have to work towards getting better. The game won’t hold your hand in the slightest. And then you look at hots, and it has a muuuch more handholding system than league and dota.


97% of new players will don’t bother with the manual.

I have seen a lot of new players straight away jumped into QM when they should have started at Ai games.


no one sells teleporter because it doesn’t exist your logic is funky at best.

you really don’t need a masters guide and you are assuming they are still playing since hgc got shut down. there are to many issues that render such a guide pointless now.


I am all for more game info to be available ingame.

I would name it “Cain´s Compendium” though, the guy is walking around to gather info about the Nexus according to the comics and lines ingame after all.


Necromancer /s


The dead are singing really loud today.


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Yeah, or maybe we make an AI that could play the game for you, how’d you like that? :slight_smile:


80% of all players don’t know basics now.