Where is the master manual for new players?


Stuff that explains the new armor rules, what each camp does, stuff like %dmg pierces through armor, what % bonus dmg do minions do to buildings, what %bonus passive Xp per fort, those weird abilities like maw that work through unstoppable… a lot of times if you missed the patch when the change was made it’s hard to remember all of these nuanced rules that got put into the game over layers of patches.

It’d be good to have a one stop manual or tutorial explaining this to new people you can click on as part of the game proper. Pretty cheap to spice up tutorial with “extra levels” of higher level tutorial coop (make it a brawl series accessible in custom games). Then when you bring someone to hots you can just run them through the tutorial coop.


100% agree. There should be an in game guide / wiki that explains all the major basic concepts, strategy, roles, maps, etc.


Considering how this game is the most easy casual MOBA out there, and the other MOBAs don’t have this “master manual” that you’re speaking of either… I’m not sure why you think this is required.


I very much like the idea of a wiki. Very low cost as well.


This isn’t very logical.

“No one sells a teleporter, so why should we make one?”

The fact that it’s lacking in other games isn’t a very good reason not to do something. This game is complex and it needs a tutorial.


Because after 3 years I continue to see players that do not even pick up regeneration globes, or will wait until the objective starts to hearth despite getting the 30 second warning, or will move around the map at 25% HP for no reason, or attempt to solo a fort as Garrosh instead of coming to obj, or choose Leoric in a draft when we ask for a tank.

There are no in-game mechanisms to teach new players the fundamentals, and that I think is what we really need to improve the state of the game and reduce toxicity.


its over there in the pile with HGC support.



Complex for you maybe


Same thing I’ve been saying for months. I want a ton of tutorial levels for different concepts, with rewards for completion. Team based game where everyone needs to pull their weight, and Blizz lets everyone just figure it out themselves, essentially reinventing the wheel for each player.


This is a simple game to you huh?

I assume you’re grand master?


Nice reasoning.

You do realize ranks are relative. Just because something is simple, doesn’t mean everyone gets to be better than everyone else at it. Checkers is simple. 8 Ball Pool is simple. You still have to play against someone else, and there will always be people better than you.

Hots is simple. Maybe complex for a 9 year old. But simple for the average human.


The game’s complexity is similar to how we define skill floor and ceiling. Sure it’s simple that you have a few abilities to use on one character, that camps can help you push a lane, that certain attacks have a warning splat so you can dodge etc.

The complexity really exists in combinations of variables. 80+ characters with 3 or so talents on 7 tiers, including quests with different completion criteria, fitting into 4-9 roles(depending on your source). New heroes on occasion, and reworks that obsolete old knowledge. They form a team composition that needs to balance CC, damage type and range, waveclear, zoning, camp clear, etc. Each selection needs to focus on its synergies and countering enemy selections (not even going to go into banning strategies). Then you have a lot of different strategies based on which of the 14 or so maps you’re playing, as to how you split your team, soak, rotate, and time your camps around different objective timers and capture mechanics.

All of these things make for a complex game that requires a lot of game knowledge to play well. Some heroes may be really simple with their micro play, and certain things like positioning can be criticized if people don’t learn, but there is nothing simple about the game at the macro level.


You’re talking about basic hero knowledge. It’s not complex. It’s the same as learning what each champion does in LoL or each hero does in DOTA. That’s not what makes those games complex. Literally everything you’re talking about exists in other MOBAs, except in a simpler form here. Claiming this game is fun is fine, because it can be fun and fun is subjective. But trying to claim that this game is complex is laughable.

Saying there is nothing simple about the game at the macro level only makes yourself look stupid. If this game isn’t simple to you, then better not try other games mate.


Oh, I get it. You’re a troll. You just exist here to insult people, and find ways to inflate your ego. You respond to a general comment about the game as it applies to a new player, and infer that the poster must themselves struggle with those things.

Forums are for productive discussions about the state of the game. This thread is about the lack of sufficient tutorials to educate new players, or returning players about changes. It’s in acknowledgement of the casual player-base, and the amount of game knowledge they need to accumulate to not drag down their team. This thread is not about comparing to other MOBAs, which do not attract casual players. You’re off topic, which is typical of a troll.

Do yourself and everyone else a favor, and try to grow up a little. Your immaturity is ruining a good conversation about how to improve the game.

I will not read or respond to anything else you might say, because it’s off topic. Hopefully others can contribute something productive to this thread.


LOL… the usual response from people here on this forums - “I don’t agree with what you say so you’re a troll”

OKAY dude. Just stick with your echo chamber then.

I mentioned from the start this game doesn’t require any “manuals” for new players. Like I said, even games that are way more complex like LoL and DOTA doesn’t provide anything like that, and yet you people think somehow a basic simple game like Hots requires manuals. It makes me laugh.

Also makes me laugh that you think a game that just had its dev team cut into pieces and put into maintenance mode would take such a suggestion seriously.


Well, wikis are already out there… So…

Also just ignore templargr/killerbunny/yourfather, who dedicated his useless life for trolling after getting bullied here for years :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT - Dunno how did I even change font size Oo


HotS actually is surprisingly complicated. The basics are indeed easy, but there are tons of subtle things and decisions that can decide a game’s outcome. Timing a camp perfectly. Knowing when to fight, and where. Picking a good comp (and talents). Just because you don’t see the complexity doesn’t mean it isn’t there.


by all means, this should be something the game has, in the mean time, i might work on a Doc for HoTS, might be fun.


Perhaps not a master manual, but there is tutorial content available both in-game and offline that Blizzard puts out, specifically: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-us/game/


LMAO. Is that what you call complexity? I shouldn’t be surprised anymore really, since this game is chock full of casuals who think stuff like this is considered complex.

Just because you think it’s complex doesn’t mean it actually is.