When you have more free time than usual

this player lately has had a bit more time to play than usual i think.
this is quite impressive lol



Impressive, though there is a Tyrael I saw on eu named Roger (no full battletag) who has 14k games as him. And interestingly most are Storm League/Hero League games, not an AI grinder, so he must genuinely enjoy the hero (only around 15% seem to be uploaded).

Only linking that because I’ve never seen anyone so dedicated to a single hero, must be some kind of world record. Match history is full of Tyrael games going back to 2015.

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how the hell does he have 70% win rate on hammer, jesus

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Properly a AI botter

So far i have seen lvl 999 Hammer and Tyreal on EU server but only the Tyreal was good at playing his hero. The Hammer was just a sitting duck whole game and was spam pinging everyone he could find.

Was that for all modes, or did you filter out AI?

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That’s the second level 999 hammer player I’ve seen in my life.

How and why? Hammer isnt even that fun to play


I want to bet those hammer players have at least a cookie clicker clone installed on their phone.

I would probably win that bet too.


Are you willing to take negative bets?

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Tbh, if Abathur didn’t result in many frustrating Qm games where I feel like it is impossible to attempt to make positive action early game… I probably would be well on my well to 999… well, probably 3-4x my current 71 levels. “Well on the way” is an overstatement.


I saw one 999 hammer and 999 Abat.
Two profiles.
99% of their games were against AI.
I checked.

that was for all modes, i didnt had any filters. :+1:

That would at least explain the high win rate.

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Roger is gold-low plat in SL but he is one of the better Tyrael players I ever saw in HotS, even after playing with very high rank Tyraels. Randomly found myself (not MySelf) in his party a few times after joining lfg groups.

Even though it’s naming, I think we can use names in these extreme cases given how known the players are on their respective servers…

Anyway, even tho 999 is very commendable, I find it more respectable if it was gotten from playing v. humans.

Scary, that is a hardcore Hammer main there…

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Even if if was only vs AI… Its still some serious dedication ! :neutral_face:

From all heroes…



I’d like to know how one has that much time…

And why play 1 hero so much? Why not another hero or another game?

The best explanation I got is some sort of mental disorder, autism, etc.
No “normal” person would dedicate this much time to a single hero in any game…

Man and I was happy when I got my first hero to 30 yesterday.