What the heck happened to the AI


So, this patch seems to be causing A LOT of disconnects for some reason — which also has the sad net effect of us seeing a lot of AIs.

The AIs seem particularly bad at figuring out where it needs to be — once you click it, it immediately ports and then goes to where ever you are.

After that, you’re lucky if the AI continues to follow you around.

The only semi-reliable way to get the AI to do what you want is to ping what you want it to do (camps, objectives, heroes, etc). Otherwise, it will often walk around in circles, literally.

Additionally the Smart Ping is acting dumb. This has been a thing for a long time. It often takes several pings to get the right one. A really nice temp fix that would pull a lot of pressure of this problem is to allow users to preset the default action of the smart ping. As it stands now, with the AI being flakey, it’s calling out attention to problems with both systems.


Look so during PTR time…we must shout load and make iut them to reworking indeed this ping issue…yeah…right…AI now hearstoneing!
In patch notes you must info us that

" when be clicked or pinged 1 time AI follow you"
“When you ping 2 times, AI hearstoneing”
" AI follow you automaticly now"

Is reall hard to think about that when you wirte this in patch notes?!
Or you forget that to info us?!:slight_smile:

Look so they rework few thing…AI do not take obective items like in Warhead Rediuctione to acived bombs…or turrents

Yeah…they takes camps at right timer.
What is worng with this ping on AI?!
To bow worked so well and they follow us.
Come oon…i know you test it until add in PTR…look so you miss that actione program.
Well look so you didnt tjink about that when you work on AI changes. We understan you are too hunan ls and do mostakes. Im almost sure guilty and us.
Like i did said already.

Well…we know you.can fix that

Someone can search in forum is it few peoples point this issue…to while i read.all AI comments…i think so read 1, 2 comments about this issue. Look so you mist read.all comments in all AI topics.


I think the patch broke AI as a whole. I did some AI matches and immediately noticed something changed in their scripting. Now they seem to mis-prioritize objectives in that they will solo dive an objective with 3-4 enemies in the region and die horribly. That and they seem to prioritize camps much more frequently which means easy, predictable steals lol.


Well AI… just kind of suicides now. If you killed 4 of them and are 5 at an objective… the last AI will come running trying to kill you all. No at all taking care of themselves anymore.

They all go together for 1 camp which 1-2 could take. They don’t try to gather for defence if we are 5 in one lane… And at core… they try to run past to get to minions. AI is just bad now.


And that was just after 1 game AI elite… Seemed almost like beginner. Please revert the AI…


Somehow they still didn’t fix basic follow behaviour. A bot on follow should override everything else its trying to do other than following you around. That way you can micromanage bots by turning them on and off of follow. Seems pretty elegant. But nooo, Blizzard has to get all fancy and have bots try to predict what you’re gonna do.

The result is, bots on follow do whatever the hell they want, and also are sometimes near you I guess. Brightwing bot is the most notorious - if she Phase Shifts to somebody (which she does at complete random), she sticks with them for an indeterminate period regardless of who they’re following.


I kid you not I had Garrosh AI in today’s game that was B-stepping. Don’t think it was intended script, but somehow it got confused if it wants to hearthstone or not and it result it was doing the B-B-B-B thing. Pretty funny :stuck_out_tongue: