What new aspect would you like to see?


One of my favourite chaning maps. Another one would be inspired by the Kaldir missions, with pathways periodically changing due to snowstorms.

Maybe an objective that makes the environment work against the enemy team, giving them a a disadvantage at camps/teamfighting. Outside the objective area of course, otherwise the team holding it probably holds it forever.

Agree, it would tie in nicely with the changing pathways idea above.

Zerus (Waking the Ancient):

  • Invulnerable core
  • Periodically a Quilgor spawns that drops an amount of 10 Biomass on kill which can be collected by players. Both teams can pick up the Biomass, but it disappears after 5 seconds if not picked up.
  • Killing players drops half their carried Biomass, the other half is lost. Dropped Biomass also vanishes after 5 seconds.
  • Turning in Biomass to the Ancient in the middle makes it deal 1 damage (of 20 health) per 5 Biomass turned in.
  • Somewhat a mixture of Towers of Doom, Blackhearts and old GoT, but with less snowball on coin drops and centralized collection.
  • Numbers would probably need to be tuned further.

This is what they are testing for Chen, according to the latest AMAs.

Old GoT was so fun for the distributed objective, i´m sad that´s gone :cry:


A new Aspect? Nozdormu without a doubt.
I’ll see myself out.

I don’t know how it’d look like in HotS but I’d like to see an Arena-like brawl where you fight against other players in a kind of death match, every death of yours changing your hero. :man_shrugging:


i did a bit of digging, ( actually i had to dig all the way in the old forum lol )
but i eventually found it,

map name : Red stone 3
universe : SC2
size : very large
lane : 3 lane map

base concept : the map is based on a volcanic planet where seismic activities and lava eruptions are common, objectives is a king of the hill style that will result in the losing team losing a portion of their side of the map preventing more and more proper transition from one lane to an other.

map layout : the top lane is a long smooth curved shape toward the outside of the map going form one core to the other. the mid lane is a straight lane the then branches off int different multi paths in Y shapes and finally the bot lane is a irregular pattern lane with some “sharp” or "odd " turns.

in between the lanes are many small paths and opens zones for engagements and some of them will have mercenaries, the map does contain a few smoke areas .

Stage Hazard :
top lane : the top lane will have larger wave of lava slamming on the side of the lane resulting in a “rain” ( small AoE) sprayed across certain spots of the lane dealing 250 dmg to any target on its location. ( location of drops are shown 3 second before impact)

mid lane : the mid lane is composed mostly of chunks of rocks , and at random locations columns of lava and fire will spur out of the ground dealing 750 dmg upon being hit. ( locations of lava spurs are shown 3 second before eruptions)

bot lane : this path is the most chaotic in design but has the particularity of having a wave of minion spawned in it every 15 seconds instead of the regular minion timer. on irregular period ( but always timed to hit in between minions waves) a portion of the map is flooded by a large wave of lava that will submerge the lane for 5 seconds dealing 1000 damage per second to any target caught. ( locations affected are show 5 second before flooding)

Objective : in the middle of the map a “safe zone” shape like a circle is present.
the first objective is at 2:45 at that moment a tremor start and a voice inform the players have 1 minute until the map is soon be flooded by lava. the lava will fully engulf the map starting from the top and bottom lanes toward the middle leaving only 3 spots on the map, both nexus and the objective area leaving the players 2 choices either stay safe at the nexus until the flood is gone or fight for survival on the “hill”. the “hill” will change slightly from even to event, going from having rocks surrounding it and having 1 entrances on each side to having no walls to being fully engulfed in smoke leaving the players with melee range and vision from allies.

when the map is filed with lava a counter will start going up. each team gets +1 each second for each of its “active” player on the “safe zone”( clones are excluded and chogall does count as 2) , the first team to reach 100 will win the objective and the losing team will have one portion of their map sink into the lava ( only in between lanes, no actual lane parts ). if no players are present on the objectives for 15 consecutive second the objective will stop and award the objective to the team with the highest score, in the case both teams are equal , both will lose a piece of their map’s side.

merc : camps are composed of brutalisks (2) , when defeated they will be able to push lane but will not take lava damage and then aberrations (4) who are rapid front lane pushers and deal bonus damage to structures.

is there anyone else that would like to play a map like this ? i know if this came out it would probably be one of my favorite due to how chaotic this could become lol :joy:


I would like to see better matchmaking. Every game is a stomp in one direction or the other. Is it, slightly more fun stomping another team then being stomped? Yes. Is it even more fun than EITHER stomp when the fights are pretty evenly matched and one team barely beats the other one? HELL YES.


Gorgon battlecruisers being controlled by amon


I think I know a way to handle the arena concept
I don’t think it should be random because then you could land some stupid stuff like your healer getting stuck up their with a tank (I can see it now a li li or a malfurion getting stuck up there with Dehaka.

But when the objective spawns both teams get to choose who they send up to the arena, there is an object in the middle that must be destroyed before you can cap it (this won’t do anything but be killable) to give teams a window to choose. And then whichever side wins all their structures and minions get supercharged for a few seconds giving push power.


This is actually interesting and something I would like to see.



Somehow i would like to see that on haunted mines !

Digging up tunnels to find skulls loll


Besides, damaging structures and hitting the core. I can’t see what else objectives will do.

Give your team 1 minute of invulnerable?


Aspect of Death

  • Providing a lane 1 extra minion.
  • have objective target heroes. ( imagine black hearts bay but instead of shooting structures , the player could control a cannon and shoot at other players ? )
  • get a token for buying a boss/ camp

There could be many things .

Look at the map concept i had for redstone 3 , the objective is still having an impact on the game but does not do any damage to the structures or core. During the end game the penalty for losing too much results in a team having very little to no transitioning areas to switch lanes.

Many possibilities actually :grinning::+1:


If they’ve given up on the idea of a core replacement hero I kinda want a map where the core is a vehicle.

Or a Goblin v. Gnome map where things are kinda wacky. Saw a thread saying “Being a support does not mean you are a walking fountain” so fountains with legs that move position could be a thing. Maybe this could even be an asymmetrical map, it would be a challenge to keep each side balanced though. Or maybe at certain intervals the board “flipped” and the more powerful side was given to the other team for a while.


Heroes of the Storm needs one.

Warcraft 3 - World Editor
Overwatch - Workshop

This Editors are the best feature in those games.


I never knew how much i wanted something like that until you mentioned it lol


I would always skip that objective and push a lane. Which provides more value than an extra minion. Plus, ending the game would take forever.

Ignore objective. When enemy team wins it (while you took one of their structures) hearth to base and take no damage. So the enemy going for that objective would give you the xp advantage.

Camp would be too weak a reward for an obj, so it would have to be a boss. But if that’s what the objective does, skip it and get your boss, while pushing a lane. If the map only has one boss, skip the objective to steal the boss, so the “winner” of the obj, gets nothing.

On your map, most players don’t like random elements in a competitive settings. So I’m not sure how popular it would be. However, the safe zone creates an environment where what matters the most is AoE and sustain.

You get +1 per second up to 100. But the fact that it goes up to 100 will ultimately be irrelevant, since once you die, you cannot go back in. So if you win the first fight, you win by default. Though that would be one map where Tyrael would be god. Not only is sanctification the objective winner, but his trait would actually do something.


There is so much I want to see.

Aside from the usual, new heroes, my most wanted is a map editor. Of course, that’d never happen :cry:
Like MySelf said, there’s so much that could be done with it
I’ve occasionally thought about messing around with the SC2 map editor to make maps and heroes, but it’d be too much work for too little gain.

Other things:
clans(should’ve been a beta feature)
True LFG system
Updated and tiered tutorials
Better and non-ARAM brawls
More post-game stats as well as graphs


My first thought was you meant Dragon Aspect and i was going to post Ysera. :’(


I know it sounds stupid but the first thing I thought when I heard about HotS was that there would be cool crossover battlegrounds like WC Orcs vs SC Protoss. Just imagining Zealots and frenzied Orcs charging at each other got me excited.

I was disappointed when I found out there was no such map. But I get it…maybe that would have been too ridiculous, huh…


I havent read the comments yet.

  • New cinematic
  • Like in over watch different emotes/taunts/dances
  • The ability to recruit people in ARAM. Not by fighting, but by picking up shards and summon a catapult or 1 spear trower.
    (Good old warcraft 3 memories)
  • Jaina 2019 skin
  • A Qm where you have a comp that fills. So 1 healer 1 main tank, but in return you wait a tiny bit longer.
  • Seasoned themed maps Summer winter ect. (Cursed hollow has the winter, doesnt effect anything but the visuals)
  • More report options. (sometimes afk/nonparticipation is to bland)
  • Lobby where you can be looking for teammates.


In the AMA, the HotS team actually encouraged players to do just that.