What is everything I need to know before starting to play ranked?

It’s my first time playing ranked and I think that there are so many things that I’m not prepared for when starting. Drafting, picking counters, how many heroes I should learn to play, etc.

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Simple enough is just stick with what ya know. Make sure to get soak, camps and obj. Keep it simple for now.


First off.
What role do you play. (Favorite)
An average player should be able to play 1-2 hero’s per role at very close levels of play at minimum.
Each map has its own uniqueness of popular strats or “metas” associated with them. But general rule of thumb is( 1 tank, 1 bruiser, 1 healer, 1 ranged damage, 1 lane expert/ solo guy).

When at all possible during draft fill in the gap and voice your weaknesses early on. Starting the team dialogue with positivity and attentiveness of others helps a lot.
Kindness goes an extra long way in ranked.
Also. Very important. Don’t complain. Once negativity starts it consumes the entire match and affects gameplay of others. Rarely do you climb out of an argument/petty situation with a win.

Lastly. You just need to play. The game chat can be toxic but be tough and ignore the majority of it. You will learn counters and drafting finer points later on.

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most important is knowing at lease half of the characters abilities and tactics (you don’t need to play them all). If you play at lease 15-20 characters then u’ll get a better chance what you like to play and works for you tactically. Also try to be flexible as much as possible, cause if you only stick with a few characters then you’ve completely limited yourself.

There’s going to be a lot of teammates bashing each other which is common, so don’t take it personal. Learn your mistakes and improve your quality of skill play.
Also don’t stare at the statics page it doesn’t make you a better player.

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