What exacly is li li?

She is not a healer nor damage dealer.
Anyone who claims she deal damage just play raynor and do double her work + waveclear

She has self harm trait which results in healing herself more then others. I think its 40% her 60% to others.
Her healthpool is low , her healing is random. Blinds can be strong but so does a good uther stun and most heals hit the frontline rather then the backline.
With most AA dmg dealers going to spell dmg these days I can say she is horrible outdated and a troll pick

The game needs starter heroes like Li Li, Raynor and Arthas.
They’re not fantastic in tournaments, but in lower rank, they’re doing fine and their skill floor is very low.

Maybe she needs number buffs just like Deckard received recently.

Revert this:

  • Healing Brew (Q)
    • Healing reduced from 181 to 175

She is a stupid, evil furball.


Devs already stated that her recent nerfs was becasue she was too strong in low leagues so they will properly just nerf her more.

I have already stopped playing her. She fells horrible bad

Her trait alone is sth. that makes Lili fun to play, an agressive healer with utility as blind and slow.

This on the other hand I don’t understand, because it kinda contradicts the playstyle of her trait, but maybe devs are afraid that if she is too tanky, then she would be too strong?


This is one of the main reasons for her decline. AA heroes generally were limited in their ability to pump out ability damage due to mana constraints. However, they made up for it in long sustained fights and good single target damage. You used to be able to draft her in heavy AA teams and get good results.

Good Vallas used to use abilities with the most efficiency and would win against players that just spammed stuff freely, and didn’t have the burst when it counted.

Now, mana tension is just so much less with savings baked into talents and kits, and people spam abilities haphazardly without much skill or forethought. Making blinds cleansable was also a considerable nerf. The power creep in AOE has also made her comparatively weak. The more damage that is flying everywhere, the harder it is to stabilize the right heroes with her brew.

I wouldn’t say that her healing is random, you know exactly what your brew will do depending on who is the lowest and your positioning. And comparing her damage to a Raynor, who can not heal is just a hilariously bad that I really question why you even went there. The fact that she can do both is kind of cool.

I personally would like to see cleanses not affect blinds again. All her wind talents are also underperforming which suggests she could probably get a baseline buff for her E (and her talents that give her more skill expression). I’d also love to see if she could have some functionality so that she can have like a skill shot blind to hit the backline ranged targets, kinda like how Ana used to have her long range grenade.


It’s not contradictory. It’s “considered” a defensive trait, and the trait is designed to allow you to survive with her designed downside, the lower health pool.

While skilled Lilis obv use it as an offensive trait to play aggressively, they know the risks involved and how to play with those risks always in mind.

If her health is too high then she just becomes an oppressive hero at all skill levels, and I don’t think anyone would be willing to exchange any of the trait’s power for a larger health pool.

Maybe a minor health buff would work if she truly needs one. I can’t say myself.


Shes a gateway drug for other real healers. The only real thing shes got going for her is one of the best cleanses in the game.

Really wish they would atleast give her a fancy high skill build for more experienced lili enthusiasts to enjoy but new players had the choice to avoid if they wanted.


Theoretically, you could put her down as a support. Her skills does allow for it as long as she picks dragon ult over big jug of tea.

When i play lili i feel quite strong. You can squeeze more value out of her through good positioning.

I can’t play her too much though.

I just don’t think it’s healthy long term to play a character that promotes hurting a Panda just enough to keep her excited.


LoL, yeah I really hate how they redesigned her trait. What I loved about LiLi was that she was super annoying and got in your business, and if you want to focus me, I can weave in and out of there like a rabbit.

Now, it’s like, I guess I’m going to step into this Blaze ignited oil because I want to heal more.

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she’s more like a bruiser akin to yrel, dehaka, or zarya. They don’t sit at the front all the time, they have moments of wanting to take damage, they can help troll players with bait/run tactics esp by being deceptively more durable, and they have tools for isolating a hero for the rest of the team to focus (many players clear the aoe of water dragon rather than someone volunteering to facetank it)

she’s not a solo wave-clear hero, but not all solo laners are bruisers, so if a team can fork over a ranged hero to the solo lane, then that leaves lili as a double support on the 4-man, which would then want an aggressive push hero to compensate for the extra healing.

lili is obviously a panda


We already have starter heroes like johanna lucio anduin

anduin and lucio are 10k gold heroes.

lili is 2k.


She was strong in lower leagues, but there are so many other things people do poorly down here in tinkertown that there was no reason at all to nerf her. Other healers were picked more often than she ever was. There were plenty of bad Lili’s then, now I almost groan if she is picked on our side.

I agree, and did the same. I liked the cuddley little thing.

She does have more staying power than she used to in many cases, but it seems to be at the cost of being useful in any other way.

I would disagree. Li Li is basically spray and pray. You push buttons and things happen that are all basically out of your control. While the heroes you mentioned require much more nuanced play and can be used in more creative ways… Heck, you can hold down the heal button to spam heals instead of pressing it each time.

Li Li is a very good safe starter hero.


one of the best secondary healers for modes like aram and i argue her heal is NOT rnd it heals the target with lowest hp
too bad her heal ult is too easy to interrupt or she would be much better

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in aram she’s fairly weak as a healer in the early game but pretty godly late game.

when i play her i usually outheal the other teams healer by the end of the match and i’m not far behind the assassins for damage.
she’s anything but a troll pick!


This is a fine idea. Personally I love that Li Li exists, as you mentioned Li Li can encourage new players to try out the healer role, indeed she was the gateway to healers for me. Your idea is super, they could keep the inherent simplicity of her kit and builds, but add one build path that has a higher skill cap.