Waiting for game mode download


Ever since the latest patch when I launch Heroes the play button is grayed out and says “waiting for the game mode download to complete” I tried deleting caches, updating drivers, clearing, renewing, flushing the dns, deleting the variables file to avail. I haven’t had issues with the patches before i.e imperius and balance fixes to an assortment of heroes.


I am having this issue as well. I’m able to load the game itself and read the chat but unable to play any game mode, the bar keeps showing Please Wait (waiting for game mode download to complete). Could someone please tell me what can I do to fix this and be able to play any game mode?


The waiting for game mode message is generally going to indicate that the game either isn’t up to date or is missing files. This tends to end up being a connection issue. Would recommend running a Scan and Repair on the game files. If you have the option, I’d suggest running that while on a different network such as a mobile connection if you have a phone and data plan that supports tethering.