Uninstalled game taking up SSD space, already followed all suggested instructions available online

I’m having some issues with uninstalling HotS. I uninstalled the game a number of months ago, as well as the battle.net launcher, as I no longer used them. Today my SSD ran out of space and while trying to clean it, I saw that HotS was taking up 20 gigs of space.

Trying to look up my problems, I found a number of links, especially to this troubleshooting article here: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/30333. However, this doesn’t function for me, as trying to manually uninstall through Apps and Features on Win 10 leads to a small uninstaller window popping up returning error code BLZBNTBNU00000006. When trying to search my SSD for files, I can’t find any. As this is negatively impacting the performance of my PC in general, I am feeling very frustrated with this issue.

The only other solutions offered that I could find online are messing with registry files and resintalling the game. I don’t really want to do the former, and the latter won’t work: my SSD shows no open space, which means I naturally can’t reinstall HotS and therefore can’t follow that course of action.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey there,

This error (BLZBNTBNU00000006) usually means that the game was not uninstalled properly. This will happen if you delete the Heroes of the Storm game folder and files from the harddrive, before uninstalling the game through the Apps and Features or through the Battle.net desktop app.

If you can’t find the folder (default location in C:\Program Files(x86)\Heroes of the Storm) then the game should not be taking up any space. Windows may however think that the game is still installed, because the install size it shows in the Apps & Features is set at the time of install and it is not updated dynamically for apps. Which means if an app’s files are deleted that size will not update to reflect that.

To remove the game from that list you would need to edit the registry, however that will not free up the space on the disk since those files don’t exist. You’d need to try and figure out what else on the disk is taking up space.

Here’s the steps for the registry if you want to get it removed:


*Note you can skip step #4 since you shouldn’t need to worry about making a backup of the registry entry.

This may also help with freeing up space on the SSD:


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