Unfair suspensions and a REAL abusive person goes free

I used to get tilted in games and tell people things like “stop feeding”, “stop inting” and “pick smart fights only” and I got reported for abusive chat and suspended. I don’t get it. That is not abusive. I have seen TONS of abusive comments from people that are actually abusive (personal attacks) and nothing I said was personal. At any rate, I turned off game chat after that so I don’t see anything or provide anything for reporting. However, I got attacked pretty hard by a smurf AFTER the game because they didn’t think I was that good of a player I guess. Why can’t we get the ACTUAL abusive people out of the game and stop suspending people who are just trying to teach feeders a better way to play (and trying to be mostly constructive)?

Check out this abuser that goes scot free I bet:

Dude friends me and then says I suck.
I say “whatever, reported”. So he goes on this rant…
“go (explitive) yourself
(explitive) autistic (explitive) (explitive)
stay the (explitive) out of my games”

-I say “reported again. toxic smurf”

“Cant be carrying your (explitive) autistic (explitive)
report your mom
for giving birth to a (explitive) like u
(explitive) degenerate inbred (explitive)”

-I say “keep it up, reporting every one of these”

“no one gives a (explitive)
you think i care?
my toxicity is justified
you queue up for games
but your (explitive) cannot cash the checks
go play AI”

I have the image saved of this. Keep in mind, I had game chat muted and never one said a thing to him. I had him two games in a row, WHICH WE WON before he did this. And also keep in mind he is the one with a %70+ win rate smurfing in mid gold, apparently expecting us to play like GMs. Smurfs are by far the most toxic people in ranked IMO. There needs to be a player/hero level floor to be in ranked, so idiot players are a bit better and smurfs are not there all the time ruining games. you want to get rid of toxicity, put in level floors please!

Toxic people exist in any game, best thing you can do is just hit report and mute him.
If you feel hurt and carry it with you after the game, he won. If your above it, you win
Trust me LOL is far more toxic then hots

At least I’d hope people in LoL can handle swearing and anger towards each other without reporting. And if reported, the report system isn’t as harsh unless it’s death threats.

I tend to agree with the examples you provided, the thing is Blizzard’s TOS doesn’t. I know you can get silenced for exactly those remarks as I had friends who were, and those lines were cited as “abuse” in their tickets.

Nobody will tell you the system is perfect, but it does take a considerable amount of reports before you are punished. Most of my friends who play a high number of games over a short period of time keep their chat muted for this reason.

It is also true as you point out, that a player can say racist, sexist, really the worst kind of abuse you can think of and get away with it. If they only do this every month or so, they won’t be punished. The majority of people here won’t tell you the system is perfect. Of course it could and should be improved, but the only change they ever made was to add bans for abusive chat rather than increasing silences. This was when HOTS was well funded, I honestly don’t see them making any significant change to the system now HOTS is in maintenance mode.

This is another problem, many people on those smurf accounts aren’t worried if their account gets closed as they have a main. Much of this started when they lowered the barrier for ranked. You now can have heroes of any level, you no longer need 16 “owned” heroes and the account level was lowered from 100 to 50, all this just made it easier to smurf and many toxic players took advantage of it. Again, this is something the Devs would have to address. I don’t see it happening as the changes were made to encourage people to play ranked which is one of the least popular game modes.

Figuratively and often literally. I wish I had a dime for every player on a tilt from what you described. It’s a tilt that often loses games.


Ha-ha-ha-ha. Naive…


Probably better than the HOTS players

Becasue having a random player ruin his high farmed winrate tilts him.
For a smurf having high winrate aka 90%+ means everything to them and when someone makes them lose and have them drop in winrates they gets toxic.

But for your thread you should just reported him from the start instead of engaging with a toxic player since you open yourself up for him to report you.

And how flawed report system is today there will always be some innocent players that gets throwed out while the troll gets to play.


Ah ***, here we go again.

To make it short we don’t know, if you’re lying to us, because we don’t know what you have actually said in games you got reported by people. Try to appeal your suspension in customer service from Activision Blizzard, if they refused it, you most likely deserve your punisment.

You can learn from this suspension be more nice to people and don’t tilt or just turn off your chat completely. We can’t help you.

Why are you on the Hots forum, if you hate this game and the community so much that you start lying? You know yourself that what you say it’s just wrong. Every moba community is overall the same, it’s a proven fact and everyone who ignores it is stupid.


They had these floors, it didn’t stop anyone from being toxic, or stop the forums being flooded with complaints about it. As I said to you in my reply, lowering the barrier for entry into ranked had the unintended side effect of perhaps increasing the amount of toxic players. The benefit to ranked though was encouraging more people to play it to keep the mode alive.

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You know Tooton. He is, how he is.

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Yup, you don’t even know how it feels to play LoL, yet you say so many bad stuff about HotS.
Why are you still here? Just to troll?


I cannot report him if I have the chat muted. I never even saw any in game insults. He sent friend request from a diff account to spam me insults. Hence the problem with smurfs. Accusing me of “engaging him” when I had chat muted is unfair. Please READ the thread if you are going to throw in your 2 cents.

He friended me, I said “who is this”, he insulted me so I said “whatever, reporting”. While I was reporting him (it does not block a friend) he spammed me all that you saw. Then I unfriended him. I don’t get why I am being told I engaged him

How do you know that? Doing that sounds very complicated and I’ve never experienced sth. like that, but even if you’re right it’s highly unlikely and you can just report the account in action for abusive chat.

There definitely are people who will go to those lengths just to harass you. Over the years I’ve met two people who just wouldn’t stop the friend invite spam and whispers no matter how many times you blocked them on one account.

As for being silenced or suspended for saying those toxics things: As said above, if you do that 1-2 times a week then don’t log in until a week later, the reports will decay.

The person who keeps playing 10 matches daily and says the occassional “stop being toxic” is paradoxically at a higher risk, since the more you play, the more potential false reports you accumulate (and for Abusive Chat, only the number of reports counts, not the quality).

That’s one reason why I nowadays only play a couple matches a week and have chat turned off, except for party chat with friends.

[You can avoid those harassers 99% by leaving General Chat, then they can’t spam you. Though they can still keep spamming friend invites 1 account at a time with your battletag only, but those are quickly rejected]


Wait a minute they created tons account to just harass you? I would find it quite amusing actually and wouldn’t be affected by that all, because he has to do a lot to achieve that, but that just me. It also shows that this guy has other social problems, if that’s important to him.

Yes, but I would consider this as already an self-punishment, if some players do this I think it’s fair, at least to me. I wouldn’t change the system for this.

Nah, I am fine with just reporting him and autoblock. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok I see it now. You accecpted his friend req and he insulted you but why did you have to throw out toxic on him too for that long. If it was me I would just report him and defriend win right away.

You said it yourself in your post. He had a rant on you and then instead of just ignoring his rant you went down to his toxic lvl and did it with him too. Hence why you now are suspended. Cause you gave him a reason to report you.

1 lesson againts toxic trolls is you never engage or talk with a toxic player/troll. You ignore them and report them without saying a word to them.

That is just trolling/harrasment in its most evil form. And you can’t do much about it since he can just keep inviting you from all his accounts.

Just like you got block invites and block whisper they should also add block inc friend requests now it seems when someone like him have so much free time he spend time harrassing one player for that long.

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Yes, I reported it. The trouble is, if he is toxic IN GAME with all his smurf accounts, he will never be eradicated. Just makes more accounts.

That is why they need hero mins in ranked. We need a lot less smurfing so the toxic people that are banned really suffer.

Yes it’s possible, but needs quite an effort to do so. I would find it quite amusing to report him again, if he is toxic with his new account and he loses his progress all again. This would be enough satisfaction for me… maybe that’s why I can’t understand you, because I don’t take it too personal, especially you don’t know him, he’s a random player you will most likely never see again and the odds are low (at least on NA or EU) that you will face him more than once, if you wait some time and join the queue times later.

Just don’t accept the invite for some time an later decline it. I don’t see how this is a problem… Except the guy, we are talking about is a hacker and he figures out your pc settings and can stalk you, but that’s a different topic and you should talk about it with the police. But for the majority of trolls this isn’t an issue, at least I’ve never experienced such thing in Hots.